Biden Announces Crucial Investment In American-Made Solar Energy

The Biden administration just dropped a huge $71 million injection to supercharge America’s solar industry. This influx of cash is set to create jobs, slash energy costs, and build a cleaner, greener future. 

Funding to Improve Solar Manufacturing Capabilities

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According to the Department of Energy (DOE), this funding will improve America’s solar manufacturing capabilities, address huge gaps in the supply chain and advance research into innovative solar technologies.

$16 Million from Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

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On Monday, the DOE revealed this huge funding boost, which includes $16 million from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. 

Filling Gaps in Solar Energy Production

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The goal? To fill key gaps in the production of essential solar energy parts, like silicon wafers and cells that turn sunlight into electricity. 

Exploring Dual-Use Photovoltaic Applications

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It will also go towards exploring new markets for dual-use photovoltaic (PV) applications. This means finding ways to use solar panels for two purposes at once, like integrating them into buildings to provide energy and structural support (building-integrated PV), or using them on farms to generate electricity while also supporting farming activities (solar-powered farms).

Biden Administration’s Solar Manufacturing Commitment

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This is part of a broader effort from the Biden administration to make sure that more solar parts are manufactured at home, creating good-paying jobs and driving down energy bills for American families.

Building an American-Made Solar Supply Chain

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In a statement Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm spoke about the administration’s commitment, explaining, “The Biden-Harris Administration is dedicated to building an American-made solar supply chain that boosts innovation, drives down costs for families, and delivers jobs across the nation.” 

Driving Down Energy Costs for Families

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Granholm also stated that, “Thanks to historic funding and actions from the President’s clean energy agenda, we’re able to deploy more solar power – the cheapest form of energy – to millions more Americans with panels stamped made in the U.S.A.”

Support for Silicon Solar Manufacturing and Dual-Use PV

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Ten key projects have been selected for the “Silicon Solar Manufacturing and Dual-Use Photovoltaics Incubator funding program,” which gives $27 million in support of developing new technologies to improve silicon wafer and cell manufacturing production in the U.S. 

Overview of Selected Projects

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These projects include: Re:Build Manufacturing (Nashua, NH): $1.9 million, Silfab Solar Cells (Fort Mill, SC): $5 million, Ubiquity Solar (Hazelwood, MO): $11.2 million, and Appalachian Renewable Power (Stewart, OH): $1.6 million

Millions For Select Projects

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Along with GAF Energy (San Jose, CA): $1.6 million, Noria Energy Holdings (Sausalito, CA): $1.6 million, RCAM Technologies (Boulder, CO): $600,000, The R&D Lab (Petaluma, CA): $1 million, Silfab Solar WA (Bellingham, WA): $400,000, and Wabash (Lafayette, IN): $1.6 million

Commercialization and Scaling Up

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The money will help new solar companies prove their tech works, scale up manufacturing, and speed up commercialization. 

Impact of Dual-Use PV Technologies

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Other projects will focus on dual-use PV tech, which can power buildings, decarbonize transport, and reduce land-use conflicts.

Advancing Thin-Film Technologies

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The investment also targets thin-film PV tech, like cadmium telluride (CdTe) and perovskites, which are easier and cheaper to make and offer higher energy yields. 

Building The Supply Chain

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Projects selected for the Advancing U.S. Thin-Film Solar Photovoltaics funding program will improve efficiency, cut costs, and strengthen the supply chain for CdTe systems.

Millions Awarded To Solar Energy Companies

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Key projects include: First Solar (Tempe, AZ and Perrysburg, OH): $21 million across two projects, Cubic PV (Bedford, MA): $6 million, and Tandem PV (San Jose, CA): $4.7 million

Solar Firms Receiving Massive Contributions

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Swift Solar (San Carlos, CA): $7 million, 5N Plus (Montreal, Canada): $1.6 million, Brightspot Automation (Boulder, CO): $1.6 million, and Tau Science (Redwood City, CA): $2.1 million

Improving Domestic Competitiveness

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These projects should help improve domestic CdTe PV competitiveness and will explore innovative uses of materials to build up the supply chain.

Biden’s 100% Clean Electricity Grid Goal

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This entire investment is part of the Biden Administration’s broader push to achieve a 100% clean electricity grid by 2035 and a net-zero economy by 2050. 

Justice40 Initiative and Community Benefits

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By boosting solar energy – the fastest-growing power source – the administration is trying to help communities most affected by pollution. It’s a key part of the Justice40 initiative, which mandates that 40% of the benefits from federal climate and clean energy investments get reinvested into underserved areas.

Long-Term Benefits of Solar Investment

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While $71 million might seem like a lot, it’s a minor investment compared to the long-term benefits of a healthier planet, a strong economy, and big savings for American households.

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