Budget Deficit Crisis: Why More Americans Are Falling Into Poverty

The ripple effect of government deficit concerns will affect many Americans. Goods and services are increasing, and still there are only more additions that could bankrupt families. 

Increasing Deficit up by 27%

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The United States Government has increased the deficit this year to 27%, which has multiple effects on the economy. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the budget deficit for 2024 is now at $1.9 trillion. 

Projections from CBO

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The CBO reported further projections that the public debt was at 99% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Outlays were at $6.8 trillion, and revenues 4.9 trillion.

Salaries Could Be Affected

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Economists said that the increase in debt can affect the wages of employees. There could be a 10% drop in salary income to compensate for other deficit-impactful spending. 

It Will Affect the Younger Generations

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Some predictions of falling wages are because of the costly American government deficit; the progress of lacking enough money might not happen immediately but will affect future generations. The Millennials and GenZs will be directly affected.  

Paying Debt May Accelerate the Process 

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According to economists, the salary drop mentioned could become a reality even faster if the government paid off the debt. Private wealth investments can be affected if the debt is paid immediately and may divert most finances towards the debt payment.  

Student Loan Relief Plays a Role 

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The Biden administration has followed through with student loan relief to help low-income families and students with high student loan debts. 

The Dream of Middle-Class

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The White House says the president believes “a posh high school education should be the student’s ticket to a middle-class life.” However, not many students see that dream because student loans can weigh someone down their whole life. 

$9 Billion in Student Debt Relief 

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Student debt relief comes at a hefty price tag, and it already stands at $9 Billion. While the costs don’t affect the student who made these loans, they directly affect the rest of the American public. 

The Expenses Directly Affects Americans

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Student debt relief affects the taxpayers and employees who might lose out on a good wage increase. However, many households are going to feel the pinch to follow through. 

Medicare Expenses

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The government budget deficit was $449 billion towards Medicare last year and ranked as the second most expensive deficit. 

Social Security 

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Social security affected the deficit by a massive $1.2 trillion last year and is projected to increase by 2030 to $2.1 trillion, according to records by the Cato Institute.

$1 Means Less $33

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The CBO explained that even just $1 added to the government’s deficit requirements it takes away $0.33 cents of private investor wealth. In the long run, it damages the U.S. economy and further increases inflation and financial difficulties for Americans. 

More Financial Woes

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The CBO has estimated that public debt is bound to increase from 99% to 122%by 2034. Rates and interests in everything will increase, making it even harder for the average American to cope or keep up. 

Financial Economic Factors Worse Than the End of WWII

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CBO also says that should the public debt reach 122% by 2034, it would mark an even worse economy than America experienced in 1946. 1946 saw the public debt sit at 106%. 

JP Morgan Weighed In 

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Wealth management advisory firm, JP Morgan, reflected on the government deficit concerns and has had a different opinion from the rest of the concerned public. 

The Dollar Probably Won’t Weaken

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According to JP Morgan, the U.S. Dollar should still be a strong value even though the spending deficit has caused many financial and economic changes. 

Probably No Government Default 

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JP Morgan also said that the high debt and wide deficit didn’t show signs of government default. 

Lower Fiscal Flexibility 

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JP Morgan has mentioned that the high deficit will leave very little room for fiscal flexibility when facing future economic concerns. 

Experts Weigh In 

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U.S. Reps have voiced that “turning a blind eye” to the country’s financial status will only make the future goals and American dream harder for children and grandchildren to reach.  

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