Cash Cows: America’s Banks Pour Billions into Meat and Dairy

Are big banks bankrolling climate change?  Big Banks and Big Emissions A new report has revealed that America’s biggest banks are pumping billions into the meat and dairy industries. While this seems harmless, these are sectors responsible for some of the biggest emissions on the planet, and it has caused anger among climate activists.  Promises … Read more

Colorado Schools Receive $17 Million to Combat Teen Vaping Crisis

Colorado is taking a bold stance against vaping, as it pours millions into new initiatives that are combating teen nicotine usage. Millions Against Youth Vaping The Colorado Attorney General’s Office has distributed $17.4 million in funding to schools and relevant non-profit organizations around the state, to boost the fight against youth vaping.  Follow On From … Read more

Non-Alcoholic Beer Company Athletic Brewing Raises $50 Million for Expansion

Athletic Brewing Companies is leading the non-alcoholic beverage market. The company just raised millions of dollars to expand their breweries and create a better customer experience. Consumers can expect to have more diverse non-alcoholic options in the future. The Non-Alcoholic Drink Market The non-alcoholic (NA) beverage market is growing rapidly as consumers seek healthier alternatives … Read more

Walmart Hit with Major Class-Action Lawsuit for “Deceptive” Pricing

America’s biggest retail store chain is being taken back to court after a lawsuit argued that the corporation has been knowingly overcharging customers in six different states. Deceptive Practises at Walmart Walmart is set to face a class-action lawsuit over allegations that the multinational retail giant engaged in “deceptive and unfair pricing practices” over the … Read more