25 US States Falling Off the Travel Map

Across the United States, some states capture the hearts and itineraries of many, while others remain quietly on the sidelines, overshadowed or misunderstood. These 25 states, facing what you might call a popularity crisis, are brimming with hidden wonders, cultural riches, and natural beauty, awaiting those willing to look beyond the usual tourist trails. Here’s … Read more

Colorado Town Stands Against Sanctuary Status in Wake of Denver Immigration Spike

A small Colorado town has chosen to remain a non-sanctuary city, refusing to accept immigrant relocations in a move that is spreading around the state.  Monument Says No After putting it to vote, the town of Monument, Colorado, unanimously voted to retain its status as a non-sanctuary city, while the state capital, Denver, has found … Read more

China’s Growing Hold on US Farmland Threatens The Future of Food

After a new report showcasing flaws in identifying foreign ownership of U.S. farmland, critics are concerned about the economy and national security, as Chinese companies look to buy land in areas that would pose a “significant threat.” A Growing Concern for Agricultural Independence Under President Joe Biden’s administration, American sovereignty and agricultural independence have reportedly … Read more