How Biden’s PACT Act Supports Veterans in 50 States

U.S. veterans and their families don’t always get the support they need after serving the country. The PACT Act (Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics) is said to help American veterans who have been exposed to toxins. The Act also assists in improving the healthcare system for veterans on many levels. 

A “Saving” Solution

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The PACT Act is a promise the U.S. Government makes to address veteran health and the effects caused by toxic exposure during service. 

The PACT Helps Hundreds Of Vets

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According to The White House, the PACT has helped 888,000 veterans and survivors throughout 50 U.S. States.  

What is Agent Orange?

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Agent Orange is the herbicide containing dioxin used during the Vietnam War. It was a strategy used by the army to clear vegetation that could provide cover for the Vietnamese.

Cover More Toxic Exposure 

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Since the president signed it off, the Pact is said to include cover for veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange as well as burn pits. Burn pits are what the U.S. military uses to dispose of waste. 

The Toxic Exposure Harms Health 

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While serving the country, over 3.5 million veterans have been exposed to harsh and deadly chemical toxins. The (United States Department of Veterans Affairs) said veterans were exposed to many toxins, but the most commonly seen are Agent Orange and burn pits.  

Illnesses Tied To Radon Exposure

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Radiation (Radon gas) exposure causes various forms of cancers as well as tumors of the nervous system and the brain. 

Birth Defects

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The VA listed birth defects that have also been linked to the biological children of veterans and soldiers who have previously been exposed to toxic chemicals. 

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

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TBI is often linked to concussions suffered as a result of explosions. The VA reported that TBI disrupts the brain’s normal function. 

Toxic Shrapnel 

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Splints and fragments or shrapnel from toxic explosions have been lodged into soldiers. Toxic explosions can come from IEDs, aka dirty bombs or biochemical explosives.  

Two Years To Materialize 

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President Biden had signed the bill to expand the healthcare for ex-marines and serving soldiers to include aid for toxic exposure. “America has a lot of obligations: to prepare those we send in harm’s way and to care for them and their families when they come home. “ The bipartisan PACT Act was signed in 2022.

How Much Did It Cost?

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The president also stated that caring for the vets’ families is as important when they don’t come home. President Biden added that the VA has provisioned over $5.7 billion in earned benefits to U.S. veterans in 50 States and territories.  

Service Members Braved Battlefields 

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President Biden was speaking at a veterans event based in New Hampshire. “Too many service members have not only braved the battlefield but also breathed in toxic fumes from burn pits and other means,” Biden said.    

Prioritizing Veterans With Cancer

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The president’s Cancer Moonshot efforts to combat cancer are in full swing. The Cancer Moonshot allows veterans with cancer claims to be processed first. The time to receive their benefits takes priority. 

The VA Processes Claims for Homeless Vets 

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Apart from cancer and other terminal illnesses, the VA also makes veterans without homes a priority by processing their claims efficiently. 

More VA Workers 

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The PACT Act also ensures the VA has an adequate workforce and support to assist veterans. More personnel have been employed to expand and help veterans faster with claims processing. The Department of Veterans Affairs reported that it has achieved its highest growth in 20 years. 

The PACT Speeds Things Up

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The PACT allows faster attention to veterans and their health care needs, eliminating the long wait and processing times. 

The PACT Act Makes It Easier 

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“You shouldn’t have to prove that your illness came from your service…” the president said. Because of the PACT Act, veterans no longer have to prove that their illness or health condition came from their time in service.

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