Over 540,000 Hazardous Power Bank Chargers Sold at Costco Gets Recalled

Electronics can sometimes be a double-edged sword. In this case, a power bank that is supposed to charge devices safely has been overheating and “sparking” danger, pun intended! 

Affordable Power Banks on Sale

Power Bank
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The deal on power banks sold at Costco has seen sales skyrocket since these units only sold at $40 each. Customers bought their chargers online and in stores. 

Can Customers Trust the Brand?

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The myCharge power bank price seemed a bit of a steal. It’s no secret that customers went for the bargain. It was a good option for anyone who needed a battery charger and did not have a big spending budget to buy one.

Why the Recall?

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myCharge, a company based in Michigan, has recalled more than 540,000 power banks sold at Costco branches due to overheating while charging devices. 

Who Is myCharge?

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myCharge is a Michigan-based company specializing in power banks and battery chargers with portability and built-in cables that are convenient to charge while on the go. 

Dangers Are Real 

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The power banks are said to have been linked to two properties that allegedly caught fire. Other concerns include potential burns and injuries. 

Fire Damage 

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The reported properties that caught fire due to the faulty charger have suffered damages worth over $163,000.

Ampage and Power

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The power banks boasted 10,000mAh, which is powerful enough to charge two small devices at once. Or more than two devices, one after the other. 

What Else Did It Feature?

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The faulty power banks featured two built-in charging cables and a wall charging plug integrated into the rear end of the device. The compact design also added convenience for portable use.

Overheating Observations 

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported 120 cases of the charging device overheating while in use. 

Danger Models Being Recalled 

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The company has reportedly recalled three specific models: AO10FK-A, AO10FK-B, and AO10FK-C. These faulty units made up the 567,000 power banks that were sold to customers throughout Michigan and other parts of the U.S. 

Recall Faulty Chargers 

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According to the CPSC, myCharge recalled all its dangerous models on June 20, 2024.  

Some Danger Incidents 

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According to the CPSC, incidents tied to faulty power banks include battery expansion, smoke, fire, sparks, and melting. The commission has announced that no injuries have required medical attention. 

The Power Banks Sold Over for Nearly Two Years 

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myCharge products are manufactured in China and sold exclusively at Costco’s brick-and-mortar and online store.  

A Stern Warning to Customers

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission has warned customers to be extra careful when handling faulty chargers. One of many warnings was, “Do not throw this recall battery in the trash.” 

More Battery Disposal Tips 

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Since recalled batteries don’t “behave” like regular batteries, they tend to be more volatile. Recalled batteries should be disposed of more carefully and not recycled with other battery recycling boxes in Home Depots or retail stores.

Returns From Customers 

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Costco has reported 115 returns of the myCharge power bank. As a whole, the recalls, plus the customer returns of the product, are a lot of money down the drain for Costco. 

Losses to myCharge 

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The company, myCharge, has lost millions in this recall incident due to its faulty charges. $40 may have sounded cheap, but 567,000 recalls add up to over $22 million in losses. 

Costco Losses 

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Costco might not own the myCharge power banks, but it sold the products to hundreds of customers. With all the returns and refunds, thousands were lost.   

Discontinue Use

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The CPSC has advised consumers to discontinue using the myCharge recalled chargers. 

Return the myCharge Faulty Product

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Customers are also advised to return the broken and hazardous power bank chargers to myCharge for a free replacement. 

Safety First 

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A portable device charger like a power bank is convenient but not always the safest if issues occur. Power banks might not always be affordable, but there are many to choose from and suited to different budgets. 

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