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Delaware Outrage After Slashing Millions From Hospital Budgets

Under HB 350, Delaware hospitals stand to lose millions of dollars. Opponents of the legislation worry about impacts to patient care. Spending Bill Could Have Unintended Consequences The bill aims to reduce unnecessary spending, but will have a severe practical impact on healthcare in the state. Politician-Run Review Board  Creating an entity called the Diamond … Read more

Florida Governor DeSantis Calls Out Media for Ignoring the State’s Tops Education Ranking

Once again, Florida has claimed the title of ‘Best State for Education’ according to the annual US News and World Report, but the state’s governor has still criticized the report. Number 1 for Education Floridians are celebrating the annual rankings for “best states”  by the U.S. News and World Report, which named the Sunshine State … Read more

Besos is Worth $200B Yet Half of Amazon’s Staff Struggle for Basic Needs

According to a new research report, Amazon warehouse workers are struggling to get by on their paychecks from one of the worlds most profitable companies.  Amazon Workers Struggle A new report suggests that half of all warehouse workers at Amazon are now struggling to afford basic living costs, and are either living paycheck-to-paycheck or unable … Read more

21 States with the Worst Healthcare for Retirees

Navigating healthcare in retirement can feel like a maze. But did you know some states make it even harder to find affordable, quality care? Here’s a guide to help you steer clear of the worst offenders. #1. Mississippi Mississippi ranks low due to limited healthcare facilities and high rates of chronic conditions, impacting retirees’ access … Read more

20 Hidden Fees That Are Eating Up Your Bank Account

Many people are surprised by how much their bank accounts are diminished by hidden fees. Are you aware of the sneaky charges that could be costing you? 1. Monthly Maintenance Fees Banks often charge a fee just for having an account, especially if you don’t meet certain balance or activity requirements. 2. ATM Withdrawal Fees … Read more

21 Surprising Ways Credit Cards Are Designed to Keep You in Debt

Credit cards are a double-edged sword, offering convenience but often leading to a spiral of debt. Ever wondered why it’s so easy to fall into the credit card trap? 1. Minimum Payment Traps Credit cards encourage making minimum payments, which mainly cover interest, not principal, keeping you in debt longer. 2. High Interest Rates High … Read more

20 Dark Secrets of the Student Loan Industry

The student loan industry in the United States is a multi-billion-dollar business that often prioritizes profit over people. Did you know that many students are left with debts they might never fully repay? 1. Skyrocketing Interest Rates Many borrowers are unaware that their student loans come with interest rates that can significantly inflate the total … Read more

Affordable Education: 19 Budget Friendly Destinations for US Students

Fed up with the daunting prospect of drowning in student loans? Imagine earning your degree in a spectacular locale where the tuition is so affordable, it almost feels like you’re cheating the system. Across the globe, savvy American students are escaping the financial clutches of U.S. higher education costs. Curious to see where you could … Read more

McDonald’s Fights Inflation Frustration with $5 Meal Deals

A new low-cost promotion from McDonalds could be the next best move as the fast-food corporation looks to tackle falling foot traffic across the country. $5 Meal Deal Incoming Fast-food monolith McDonald’s is set to introduce a new $5 meal deal starting next month, in an apparent bid to bring back customers who have grown … Read more

Pressure Mounts Against Wall Street’s Toxic Workplace

Wall Street has provoked outrage and spurred calls for an investigation into an alleged toxic work culture at the Bank of America after a veteran Green Beret died from possible overworking.  The Wall Street Stir-Up This week, the scrutiny over Wall Street’s toxic workplace culture has reached new heights following the tragic death of 35-year-old … Read more
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