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The economy has been challenged and more so in recent months. Everyone is concerned and making provisions for a recession. [..]

California’s financial woes are escalating, surpassing initial projections. Initially, Governor Gavin Newsom anticipated a $37.9 billion shortfall for 2024-2025. However, [..]

In a move that has caused an outcry from both ends of the political divide, California Governor Gavin Newsom is [..]

California: the land of sunshine, innovation, and, well, some of the highest taxes in the United States. From the beaches [..]

Layoffs have hit the aviation industry, as one of the biggest airlines in the U.S., Southwest Airlines, has announced they’re [..]

Property tax rates in Montana have skyrocketed in recent years, sparking calls for the state government to finally relieve the [..]

A new low-cost promotion from McDonalds could be the next best move as the fast-food corporation looks to tackle falling [..]

Is renewable energy an unrealistic ideal or our path toward a better future? A recent study shows that clean energy [..]

Once a sought-after seafood eatery because of its affordable seafood, the American restaurant Red Lobster faced enormous challenges. But were [..]

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