19 Unexpected Ways Your Bank Is Taking Your Money

Ever feel like your money has a way of mysteriously disappearing? You’re not alone. Banks, with their assortment of fees and policies, might be nibbling more out of your account than you realize. Here’s a rundown of some unexpected ways your bank might be dipping into your wallet.

1. Maintenance Fees

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Many banks charge a monthly maintenance fee just for keeping your account open. If you’re not meeting certain minimum balance requirements, you might see some of your cash vanish every month.

2. ATM Fees

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Using an ATM outside of your bank’s network? That’ll cost you. Both your bank and the ATM owner might charge you a fee, which can add up quickly.

3. Overdraft Fees

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If your account dips below zero, brace yourself for the overdraft fees. These can be hefty and sometimes are charged for each transaction that overdraws your account.

4. Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fees

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Similar to overdraft fees, NSF fees are levied when a transaction like a check or direct debit is rejected for insufficient funds, and they don’t come cheap.

5. Minimum Balance Fees

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Some accounts offer perks if you maintain a minimum balance. Dip below that? You might find yourself hit with a fee.

6. Account Inactivity Fees

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Not using your account actively? Some banks might charge you for that. Inactivity fees can kick in if you don’t make a certain number of transactions within a specified period.

7. Paper Statement Fees

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Prefer to receive a paper statement? Some banks charge for that. Opting for digital statements can save you a few dollars each month.

8. Wire Transfer Fees

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Sending money via wire transfer often comes with high fees, especially for international transfers. The cost can vary significantly depending on where and how much you’re sending.

9. Returned Deposit Fee

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If you deposit a check that bounces, not only does the check not clear, but your bank might also charge you a fee for the returned deposit.

10. Card Replacement Fees

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Lost your debit card? There might be a fee to replace it, especially if you want it expedited.

11. Foreign Transaction Fees

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Purchasing items from a foreign retailer or while traveling abroad? Foreign transaction fees on debit and credit cards can add an extra percentage to every transaction.

12. Early Account Closure Fees

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Closing your bank account not long after you opened it? Watch out for early closure fees, which can apply if you close your account within a certain timeframe from opening.

13. Savings Withdrawal Fees

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Withdrawing money from your savings account too often? Some banks charge fees if you exceed a certain number of withdrawals per month.

14. Excessive Transaction Fee

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Certain types of savings accounts have a limit on the number of allowable transactions. Exceed this, and you’ll face another fee.

15. Check Ordering Fees

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Need new checks? Ordering them through your bank can come with a significant markup. Shopping around could save you money.

16. Legal Document Processing Fees

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If your bank needs to set up a garnishment or levy against your account, they may charge you a fee for processing these legal documents.

17. Currency Conversion Fees

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Exchanging money at the bank before an international trip? You might face poor exchange rates and service fees.

18. Notary Services

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While some banks offer free notary services, others charge. If you need documents notarized, it could cost you unless you shop around.

19. Safe Deposit Box Fees

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Renting a safe deposit box at your bank? That’s an annual fee right there, and the cost can vary depending on the size of the box.

Don’t Let the Fees Bite

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While banks offer many conveniences, their fee structures can be a minefield. Being aware of these potential charges can help you avoid them and keep more of your money where it belongs—in your pocket. So, take a closer look at your bank statements or chat with your bank representative to ensure you’re not paying more than you need to.

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