20 Reasons You Can’t Trust Your Real Estate Agent

Real estate transactions are big deals, involving your hard-earned money and dreams. Ever wonder if your real estate agent might be prioritizing their own interests over yours?

#1. Commission-Driven Decisions

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Agents earn more when you spend more, which can sometimes lead them to push higher-priced properties, not necessarily the best fit for your budget or needs.

#2. Dual Agency Dilemmas

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When an agent represents both the buyer and seller, their impartiality may be compromised, potentially leading to conflicts of interest that don’t favor either party fully.

#3. Speed Over Detail

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Some agents may rush the buying or selling process to close deals faster, potentially overlooking better opportunities or necessary negotiations that could benefit you.

#4. Overpricing Homes

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To secure a listing, agents might suggest an overly optimistic selling price, which can lead to a stagnant listing and eventual price drops, harming the seller’s prospects.

#5. Inadequate Disclosure

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Not all agents are forthcoming about every issue or detail of a property; missing information can lead to costly surprises after you’ve already made a commitment.

#6. Preferring Pre-Approved Buyers

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Agents might prioritize buyers who are pre-approved for mortgages, potentially overlooking others who may offer better terms or prices but lack immediate financing proof.

#7. Steering Towards Certain Properties

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Some agents might direct you toward properties where they stand to gain higher commissions or have a personal or professional stake, rather than what suits you best.

#8. Underestimating Repair Costs

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To close a deal, an agent might downplay the costs and extent of necessary repairs or renovations, leading to unexpected expenses for the buyer.

#9. Ignoring Long-Term Fit

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In the pursuit of a sale, some agents may not fully consider how well a property matches your long-term needs and lifestyle, focusing more on the immediate transaction.

#10. Lack of Market Knowledge

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Not all agents have deep, localized market knowledge, which is crucial for advising on fair pricing, neighborhood dynamics, and investment potential.

#11. Pushing Their Mortgage Brokers

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Agents might recommend their in-house or preferred mortgage brokers, not necessarily because they offer the best rates or terms, but because of existing partnerships.

#12. Unseen Property Flaws

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By glossing over or failing to mention significant property flaws, agents can expedite sales but leave buyers with problems to address post-purchase.

#13. Limited Negotiation Effort

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An agent might accept a reasonable but not optimal offer to close a deal swiftly rather than negotiate vigorously for a better price or terms that benefit you more.

#14. Vague on Closing Costs

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Some agents don’t provide a clear breakdown of closing costs upfront, leading to unexpected expenses when finalizing the transaction.

#15. Encouraging Overbidding

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In competitive markets, agents might encourage buyers to make excessively high offers to secure a property quickly, sometimes leading to overpaying.

#16. Skewing Home Value Comparisons

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Agents might selectively use comparables to justify a higher or lower property price, which can distort a buyer’s or seller’s understanding of a home’s true market value.

#17. Glossing Over Market Conditions

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To maintain client enthusiasm, an agent might downplay adverse market conditions or overly hype a ‘hot market,’ affecting your ability to make informed decisions.

#18. Favoring Quick Closings

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The push for a rapid closing might lead to overlooking better financing options or failing to negotiate essential repairs and concessions effectively.

#19. Not Vetting Service Providers

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Agents may recommend inspectors, lawyers, or contractors without adequately vetting them, sometimes based on reciprocal business relationships rather than quality.

#20. Overselling Investment Potential

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Agents might overstate a property’s investment potential to attract buyers looking for growth opportunities, potentially misrepresenting realistic returns or costs.

Make Informed Decisions

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Navigating the real estate market requires vigilance and informed decision-making. Remember, it’s your investment, your future home, and your money on the line. Always seek multiple opinions, do your research, and ensure your agent is truly in your corner.

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