20 Foods That Should Never Make Your Shopping List

These culinary culprits might look innocent sitting on your plate or lurking in your pantry, however they’re anything but. So, here’s the lowdown on the 20 foods that are secretly plotting against your health.  #20. Microwave Popcorn Those convenient bags are lined with chemicals that are best buddies with cancer. Plus, the “butter” flavor? Let’s … Read more

What Your Political Beliefs Mean for Your Retirement

Have you ever wondered how your political leanings might impact your retirement plans? Whether you’re a die-hard Republican or a staunch Democrat, understanding how your beliefs influence your financial future is crucial. Let’s take a closer look at how political affiliations influence individual retirement strategies. #1. Social Security Reform If you lean Republican, you might … Read more

U.S. on Brink of Debt-Induced Financial Crisis According to Billionaire Leon Cooperman

Another high-profile financial figure has stepped forward to warn about the potential impacts of the US trillion-dollar national debt. Cooperman Speaks Out The US is being nudged ever closer to a financial crisis as a result of trillion-dollar debt, according to billionaire investor Leon Cooperman. Interview With CNBC In an interview with CNBC on Tuesday, … Read more

Alphabet Inc. Announces First Ever Dividends and a $70 Billion Buyback

It’s looking to be a good week for Alphabet, as Google’s parent company soars in value on the stock market due to recent announcements for investors. Dividends and Buybacks Alphabet Inc., the parent company of tech behemoth Google, announced on Thursday that it will be issuing its first-ever dividend to investors, as well as authorizing … Read more