California Drivers Beware as Gas Prices Set to Surge by 2025

Rumors are swirling about a possible increase in gas prices in California following the passing of a controversial emissions program.  Fueling the Future Since 2007, California has been following the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) – a rule that encourages the use of cleaner fuels by making companies lower the carbon pollution from their products. … Read more

Is London the World’s Dirty Money Capital?

Shock comments have caused an uproar in the United Kingdom, where a high-ranking government official has claimed that not all is as it seems within the nation’s financial sector. Deputy Foreign Secretary’s Bold Claims Image Credit: Shutterstock / B. Lenoir On Monday, the UK’s deputy foreign secretary made some comments that got people talking. Shocking … Read more

China Hit Hard: Biden Imposes Tough Tariffs to Shield U.S. Jobs

The Biden administration has announced a slew of tariffs aimed at goods coming in from China.  Focusing on Key American Industries Image Credit: Shutterstock / Scharfsinn Biden’s team is really pushing to support key American industries like electric vehicles (EVs), clean energy, and semiconductors. A Financial Boost Image Credit: Shutterstock / Michael Candelori They’ve put … Read more