19 Habits That Are Dragging You Down

So, you’re wondering why that cloud of gloom just won’t leave you be, huh? Well, honey, grab a seat because as your unofficial, but totally invested, gal pal in all things life and happiness, I’ve done a little snooping around. You might think you’re ticking all the boxes for a blissful existence, but it’s the … Read more

Domino’s Response to Tip Creep is to Reward Customers Who Tip

A new promotional offer from one of America’s biggest pizza chains has called out the country’s growing frustration with unnecessary tipping.  Tipping Fatigue? Americans are experiencing ‘tipping fatigue’ en masse, as more and more businesses request more tips, more frequently. Companies like Dominoes are looking to address the exhaustion. “You Tip, We Tip” The iconic … Read more

AARP Study Highlights Financial Woes Across Generations

According to the latest AARP Financial Security Trends Survey, more young Americans are feeling optimistic about the future of their finances. Unfortunately, it’s not all plain sailing – as the older generation’s worries are piling up. Financial Outlook for Americans New survey results from AARP are painting a unique picture of American society. Rising Optimism … Read more

Living the Dream: 19 Places Known for Happiness

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20 Lasting Impacts of Over-Bearing Parents

Ever felt like your parents were a bit… too involved? Overbearing parents can leave a lasting impact, shaping our behaviors, relationships, and even our sense of self. Let’s explore twenty long-term effects of helicopter parenting and how to navigate the aftermath with grace and self-awareness. #1. Difficulty Making Decisions Constant parental intervention can breed indecisiveness, … Read more