Accounting Careers Become a Favorite Thanks to Remote Work

As remote work continues to define ways of working, one profession is emerging as the most in-demand: accounting. While tech jobs are usually the poster child for remote work, accounting has now taken the spotlight, offering attractive salaries and flexible work options. This shift is reshaping how and where accountants work, with significant implications for job seekers.

The Rise of Remote Accounting

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Accounting roles, once confined to office settings, are now leading the charge in remote job opportunities. FlexJobs’ recent report highlights this trend, marking a substantial shift in the work landscape for accountants.

Shortage of Accountants

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A significant factor in this shift is the current shortage of accountants in the U.S. This shortage, spurred by an aging and retiring workforce and fewer students pursuing accounting degrees, is pushing companies to adopt more remote and hybrid roles.

Attracting New Talent

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To appeal to younger generations, companies are reimagining accounting roles. Remote work offers the autonomy and flexibility that is increasingly valued, making accounting an attractive career choice for many.

Beyond Finance and Consulting

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The need for skilled accountants is no longer confined to traditional sectors. Rapid changes in tax regulations and financial reporting standards have expanded the demand across various industries.

A Shift in Job Postings

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Data from ZipRecruiter reveals a dramatic increase in remote accounting roles. From a mere 8% in 2019, remote accounting job postings have soared to nearly 20% in 2023.

Projected Job Growth

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a steady growth in accounting jobs. An estimated 4% increase over the next decade means thousands of new opportunities annually.

Increased Regulatory Compliance

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With more stringent industry regulations, the role of accountants in ensuring compliance has become critical. This has heightened the demand for their expertise in various business areas.

Complex Regulations

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Accountants’ expertise in interpreting and applying these rules is vital in protecting organizations from legal liabilities and financial penalties, further solidifying their indispensability in the modern business world.

Financial Security and Job Stability

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Remote accounting roles not only offer flexibility but also financial security. With the possibility of six-figure salaries and a low risk of layoffs, it’s a stable career choice in an uncertain job market. 

Responsibilities and Adaptability

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Accountants’ primary duties, like managing financial records and analyzing data, are well-suited for remote work. This adaptability is a key reason for the surge in remote accounting jobs.

Anticipating a Hiring Boom

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Experts predict a spike in remote accounting job openings, particularly with tax season approaching. This anticipation is fueling interest among job seekers.

Top Remote Employers

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Several companies are leading the way in remote accounting recruitment. Notable names include Kforce, Supporting Strategies, and Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH), offering diverse opportunities in the field.

Educational Requirements

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Most accounting positions require at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field, often coupled with specific certifications like a CPA (Certified Public Accountant).

Earning Potential

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While the average salary for accountants in the U.S. hovers around $68,000, experienced professionals can earn significantly more, with potential salaries ranging from $150,000 to $200,000 annually.

Job Security Amidst Industry Changes

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Despite recent layoffs in the Big Four accounting firms, the job security for accountants remains high. Their integral role in companies makes them less likely to face layoffs.

A Valued and Trusted Role

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Accountants are often seen as vital members of a company’s core team. Their role in managing financial transparency and compliance makes them indispensable, ensuring job stability. FlexJobs lead career expert Toni Frana notes, “As an accountant, you are a highly valued employee, so the risk of getting laid off is pretty low.”

Old and New

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With current trends pointing towards increased flexibility and remote opportunities, both current professionals and aspiring accountants stand to benefit. 

The Future of Accounting Work

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The transformation in the accounting profession towards remote work offers a unique blend of flexibility, financial reward, and job security. As the demand for skilled accountants continues to rise, this career path presents a promising future for those seeking a balance between professional growth and personal freedom.

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