Google’s AI Chatbot Gets Ground Rules for Election Questions

Google has created new restrictions for its AI chatbot, Gemini, that prevent it from answering questions about major elections this year and bring further controversies to the company. Gemini Restrictions To prevent the spread of misinformation, Google has placed a global restriction on its AI chatbot, Gemini, so that it cannot answer questions about several … Read more

Regulators Tune In as Bitcoin Soars

Bitcoin just hit a new peak, soaring past the $70,000 mark to reach past $72,269. This milestone comes amidst a flurry of market expansion and aligns with some interesting shifts in regulatory attitudes in the UK and the US. However, even with this growing institutional approval, the caution due to cryptocurrency unpredictability hasn’t faded from … Read more

Global Markets Wary as Chinese Investors Broaden Horizons

Chinese investors and businesses are increasingly seeking profits abroad, driven by domestic market challenges. This outward investment trend is led by mechanisms like the Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor (QDII) program amidst regulatory challenges and a complex economic backdrop, reflecting a strategic pivot towards global diversification. Finding Profts Aborad Chinese investors and businesses are increasingly looking … Read more

China’s Growing Hold on US Farmland Threatens The Future of Food

After a new report showcasing flaws in identifying foreign ownership of U.S. farmland, critics are concerned about the economy and national security, as Chinese companies look to buy land in areas that would pose a “significant threat.” A Growing Concern for Agricultural Independence Under President Joe Biden’s administration, American sovereignty and agricultural independence have reportedly … Read more