Don’t Toss That! 20 Genius Ways to Repurpose Everyday Household Items

In the age of recycling and reusing, every item has the potential to be repurposed. Everyday things like bottles can be more creatively utilized for other purposes, given a little extra thought. Repurposing items is innovative and can save more money than people expect. You’d be surprised at how many common items can extend their usefulness through other ways.

1. T-Shirts

Man cleaning.
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Shirts degrade over the years or from wear and tear, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw them out. There’s already an abundance of clothing gathered up in landfills.

Instead, T-shirts can be cut into smaller pieces for various uses. Most people use these smaller pieces to clean dust, but they have other services, too. Some opt to use T-shirts to dry their hair as they’re known for causing less frizz.

2. CDs and DVDs

Pile of DVDs.
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Video and music streaming platforms have overtaken watching movies on DVDs or compiling music on CDs. Piles of aging CDs and DVDs can often be seen lying around in the house.

Even though many of these might not work anymore, they can still be repurposed. They can be used to bring unexpected colors and light into rooms.

By using them as suncatchers, any space can become more vibrant.

3. Wine Corks

Woman in wine store picking out a wine bottle
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Whether one lives in a hot climate or cold, one can’t survive without insulation. Insulation doesn’t always have to be expensive.

Wine corks have tremendous thermal properties. These corks can be stuffed into the walls as an extra insulation layer. The more the wine corks are filled, the more intense the insulation will be.

4. Old Toothbrushes

Person brushing cat's teeth.
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According to most dentists, everyone should replace their toothbrush every three months. That would mean at least four toothbrushes every year.

The lifetime of a toothbrush might end when it comes to cleaning teeth but not for cleaning other things. Old toothbrushes are great for cleaning other spaces.

They can reach the small crooks and crannies that a hand can’t.

5. Newspaper and Magazines

Newspaper rolled up.
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Only so many times can one reread the same magazine or newspaper. Once read, they can also be used as a unique wrapping paper.

Next time the holiday season comes around, and everyone runs out of wrapping paper, feel free to use newspaper instead. It can also be used to get rid of smell in shoes.

By stuffing them into the boots, the bacteria and moisture are absorbed.

6. Coffee Cans

Woman smelling coffee.
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Not having a baking pan shouldn’t stop anyone from baking. Once empty, coffee cans can be used as fantastic baking pans.

They are made of metal and have the ideal shape to bake bread in. The baked bread can be a thoughtful gift by putting in extra effort and decorating the can.

7. Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper.
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Used-up toilet paper rolls make for excellent storage and stationary holders. They are the perfect compartment for all the extra wrapping paper rolls.

Not only this but they can be used to have a DIY (do it yourself) bonfire in the backyard. Newspaper can be stuffed into the rolls and lit for a cozy winter night.

8. Tissue Boxes

Box of Kleenex.
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The tissue box is the perfect size for storing small items. It is compact and portable yet has a lot of space inside. Once the tissue runs out, these boxes can keep other things, such as keys and cards.

They can also be used as mini trash cans for desks where everyone can stuff their small wrappers. Artists will benefit the most by opening them up and having a solid surface on which to lay paintbrushes.

9. Shower Curtains

Shower with water.
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There is no better windshield cover than shower curtains for people who live in a chilly area. These curtains can be left overnight on the windshield.

It’ll prevent frost buildup on cars and make mornings so much easier. Magnets can be added to ensure the curtain sticks to the windscreen. This way, it’ll stay in place against the metal windshield frame.

10. Egg Cartons

Egg carton.
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People who enjoy gardening are missing out on how they can repurpose egg cartons. These containers can be used for sprouting seeds.

If it’s a paper carton, the entire egg carton cup can be planted as it is. Once the seedlings are finally big and ready to be planted, the cup is an ideal environment in the ground.

After a while, the paper will get soggy and dissolve, but the plant will continue to grow!

11. Disposable Razors

Pink disposable razors.
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Disposable razors are quick to get dull. While they might not be sharp enough to continue shaving, they can be used on clothes.

Even the dull razors are enough to remove pills from sweaters and coats. All it’ll take is one old razor to make a shirt look brand new again.

12. Glass Jars

Candle in a glass jar.
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Having a few flowers in a room can visibly brighten up a space. And there is no better vase for them than empty glass jars!

These glass jars can be left around the house with flowers and even floating candles. Whether it’s a small get-together or an event, glass jars uplift any decor.

They can additionally be used to make water candles or be filled with fairy lights.

13. Plastic Straws

Woman drinking from a straw.
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Many might be surprised to know how helpful plastic straws can be during strawberry season. With the help of a straw, strawberries can be hulled quickly.

All one has to do is insert the straw into the fruit. It can save a lot of time in recipes. As a bonus, the strawberries end up looking beautiful as well!

14. Mesh Produce Bags

Shopping for fruit and vegetables.
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The texture of the mesh bags makes them valuable for cleaning. The mesh acts as an efficient scrubber. It can be repurposed into a vital cleaning tool in the kitchen.

Whether it’s dishes or countertops, it can scrub any place clean. Having one or two handy while washing the dishes can be pretty helpful.

15. Wine Bottles

Wine bottles at a store.
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Anyone who has been on Pinterest long enough knows how beautiful these bottles can look. There’s no better candle holder than a wine bottle.

They can also be used to grow plants by the windowsill. Any windowsill with wine bottles lined up with candles and plants will look cozy and pretty.

16. Food Scraps

Gardening, man, hat, vegetables, grow, happy, smiling, basket, healthy, food
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How often do people throw away the fruit peels without a second thought? What many need to know is the amount of nutrition that peels have.

Next time, they can be repurposed for compost instead of being thrown away. The food scraps can be left in the gardens to become compost for the rest of the plants.

17. Broken Dishes

Plate of food.
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Despite many people’s best attempts, dishes often end up getting broken. Most are fragile enough to splatter into pieces after a single drop.

Sometimes, even a gentle hit against another sharp object results in chipped dishes. However, this doesn’t mean they need to be thrown away.

These broken pieces can be reused to make stunning mosaic projects. They can create mosaics on walls, frames, and even stones!

18. Bread Clips

Cutting bread.
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These clips are the perfect size to be used as labels. Everyone has that one area in their house where all their wires get tangled.

The easiest way to organize them is using bread clips. Each clip can be labeled accordingly and attached to the cables.

It’ll help save the time that would’ve been spent trying to find which cable belongs to the charger. Who would have thought bread clips made for an ideal wire management tool?

19. Shoe Boxes

Happy man holding shoes.
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Shoe boxes are usually thicker and sturdier than other product packages, making them solid storage spaces. Apart from holding shoes, people can use them for clothing, such as folded shirts or vests.

A series of these boxes can be placed in closets as wardrobe organizers. Their surprisingly sturdy nature ensures your clothes and accessories aren’t damaged.

20. Detergent Bottle

Pouring laundry detergent.
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The shape of these bottles allows them to be repurposed as scoops. By cutting off the top neck of the bottle, it can be used to scoop out anything.

After rinsing the bottle, it can water any household plant without spilling. It can also be used in gardening to scoop soil for plants. With just one detergent bottle, everyone can have a great multipurpose tool for gardening at home!

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