15 Fashion Tips for Looking Stylish Without Breaking the Bank

Many people believe dressing fashionable and chic requires spending a lot of money. However, expensive and designer clothes need not apply to anyone who wants to look stylish. Thinking otherwise can perpetuate unhealthy spending habits and ideas about what being in fashion means. Though obtaining a coveted designer piece can give us a sense of elegance and status, how one feels about what one wears matters more than any dollar amount spent. Truthfully, one can still shop with a limited budget and look and feel as confident as Coco Chanel.

1. Shop at Less Expensive Retail and Department Stores

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Designers, the media, celebrities, and the fashion industry have contributed to the idea that style comes with a hefty price. And while it can be challenging to find quality, beautiful pieces at retail stores, it’s not impossible. Amongst the trendy clothes, one can find an abundance of excellent apparel at places such as Target, Kohl’s, Old Navy, The Gap, and Macy’s. With frequent sales, promotions, and cash-back benefits such as Kohl’s Cash and Old Navy’s Super Cash, shoppers can get more bang for their buck.

2. Neutrals and Monochromatic Outfits

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One way to instantly look more elegant is to wear neutral colors and monochromatic outfits. It doesn’t matter what kind of outfit one wears ( to a degree) with a subtle and pleasing color pallet. Bright colors can sometimes come across as tacky or cheap. But wearing all white, cream, and black can elevate one’s look. There’s a reason a fashion icon like Audrey Hepburn so often wore all black.

3. Shop on Amazon

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These days, the products available on Amazon feel as endless as the sea. And the clothing options also fall under this category. Someone just needs to look at Instagram influencers to see the lovely and affordable options available to shoppers. From everyday staples to winter coats and ball gowns, consumers have so much to choose from, only a few clicks away and typically under $100. And that would be on the high end of the price spectrum. In particular, brands such as Grace Karin and Allegra K have beautiful products to please any fashionista.

4. Online Secondhand Stores

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Those who live on budgets and fixed incomes often feel limited in their clothing choices. Many think they’re doomed only to wear dull and cheaply made clothing. Likewise, these individuals aren’t able to buy things as often. However, this doesn’t mean their wardrobes can’t be stylish.

On online shops such as Poshmark, ThredUp, and Mercari, shoppers can find excellent deals on new and gently used clothing, often at highly affordable prices. These shops heavily discount designer pieces, and inexpensive options will be even cheaper, and style doesn’t have to be sacrificed.

5. Discount and Thrift Stores

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In regards to finding designer or heavily marked-down clothing, discount and thrift stores can be a shopper’s best friend. Stores like Ross and Marshall’s have rows upon rows of terrific options at prices far below the retail price. If one’s willing to do a little hunting and doesn’t mind vintage or secondhand clothes, thrift stores can be another place to find that next sophisticated piece.

6. Invest In or Rotate Less Expensive Handbags

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The desire to buy that classic Chanel purse or the latest from other designers will always be in many fashionistas’ minds. But that mentality doesn’t exist for everyone. For those who want just one, the best advice would be to save up to invest in the most versatile bag possible.

Department stores or places like Marshall’s and Ross have numerous affordable options. Invest in a few classic styles in neutral colors and at least one vibrant bag to add a pop of color to any outfit. Rotate them depending on the outfit!

7. Keep Nails Short and Painted

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People can still look stylish easily without having to cough over money for manicures each week. Cutting and filing one’s nails regularly, keeping them short, and adding polish creates a put-together look. Nail files and polish brands like Essie cost very little. Clear polish or classic colors of reds and pinks will be the best choice.

8. Classic over Trendy

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One rule of fashion is always to look chic and to avoid trendy clothing. These pieces will often go out of style quickly. Instead, choose classic and timeless styles. This mentality eliminates the risk of essentially “wasting” money on fashion that will be outdated quickly.

9. Don’t Break the Bank on Jewelry

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Jewelry helps tie outfits together. A delicate or big statement necklace and simple studs or dangling earrings elevate one’s fashion instantly. And you don’t have to break the bank to do so. Indeed, jewelry lovers can find a lot of lovely costume pieces out there. Silver and stainless steel cost far less than gold, and the QVC brand Diamonique looks as beautiful as the genuine article but costs far less.

10. Iron and Steam Clothes

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Looking stylish and put together falls apart with wrinkled clothing. You’ll appear far less chic and, instead, disheveled. But there’s an easy and inexpensive solution: Invest in an iron and steamer to keep your clothes looking fresh and smooth.

11. Invest in Versatile Fashion Staples

Investing in several timeless staples is vital to always staying fashionable and avoiding looking too trendy. For women, these could include a few pairs of jeans, black slacks,

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, a black or plaid skirt, a little black dress, and a few blazers. For men, these include jeans, slacks, button-up shirts in whites and blues, a few well-fitted suits, a few cable knit seaters, and a fedora. These fashion staples can be worn in various ways and create several outfits. And they can be found at reasonable prices at many department and online stores.

12. Keep Things Simple

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Simplicity helps keep one’s clothing budget slim and avoid overspending. But it’s also a surefire way to maintain a stylish look. Trends come and go, and overcomplicating things can lead to significant fashion faux paws. Look at any Hollywood red carpet event from the past. Celebrities who try to do too much may stand out, but do they look the best? The answer will likely be no. But the ones who keep things simple will look fashionable no matter how long ago it was.

13. Sunglasses and Scarves

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Although sunglasses and scarves can be expensive, affordable options exist as well. If one gets away from the mentality that sunglasses must be designer brands and scarves must be the finest silk, finding fine quality ones that don’t break the bank will be simple. And no one will ever deny that adding a pair of shades and a scarf around the neck or hair creates an unmistakable chicness.

14. Invest in Classic Coats

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No matter where someone lives, one to two classic coats will always be a solid investment. A long or mid-length peacoat in black, cream, deep blue, red, or burgundy always looks stylish. It can elevate one’s style instantly. Coats can be expensive. But you can find nice quality ones that will last at places like Amazon, ModCloth, Kohl’s, and Unique Vintage, with prices ranging from $40 to $200. The latter may be steep, but a classic style and good quality coat will last years.

15. Affordable Shoes

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One of the biggest fashion money-wasters will always be expensive footwear. Shoes wear out quicker than any other article of clothing, so it will never be cost-efficient to spend a lot. Instead of being tempted by the costly pairs, try stores like DSW, where there’s an abundance of stylish shoes that won’t break any budget.

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