24 Old Board Games That Are Financially Superior to New Ones

Board games have been helping people keep from being born for over a hundred years. Whether they are basic games for kids or strategy games for adults, some of these games have evolved, while some live in our nostalgia. Of course, collectors love nostalgia, and some of our favorite games are worth a lot of money nowadays.

1. Lost in Space 3D Action Fun Game (1966)

Lost in Space 3D Action Fun Game (1966)
Image Credit: Remco and Skippy/Steam Community.

The board game was based on the popular television series Lost in Space, which follows the adventures of the Robison Family as they try to live in space. The game has three levels and a spinner to move your piece along the board. If you kept this game from your childhood, it can be worth over $300 today.

2. Fireball Island (1990s)

Fireball Island
Image Credit: Brian Michael Napoletano, Own Work – CC0/Wiki Commons.

The game had a cool 3-D board depicting an island resembling a volcano. The goal was to move your piece along the board to try and capture the jewel while avoiding fireballs along the way. As a nineties kid, I do not remember this game, but it still has people looking for it and paying up to $400.

3. Mickey Mouse Snakes and Ladders

Mickey Mouse Snakes and Ladders
Image Credit: Numurkah & District Historical Society.

Avoid the Snakes going backward, but land on the ladders to climb up. The game was Chutes and Ladders with a Disney theme. Like anything with Mickey Mouse, collectors have to have it. For only $500, the classic game can be yours.

4. Haunted House, (1962)

Haunted House (1962)
Image Credit: Ideal and Aspire Auctions.

The house came with an actual haunted house that players navigate as they try to find a secret jewel that wins the game. Look out for surprise traps that will back you up or send you back to the start. An intact game isn’t as scary as playing the game because it will bring you an extra $475.

5. Dark Tower (1981)

Dark Tower Board Game
Image Credit: Mandi’s Attic.

The Dark Tower game was a fantasy board game with players searching for a magic ghost and freeing him from the evil king who lived in the Dark Tower. A small battery-operated computer keeps track of the player’s scores. Sounds like a fun and exciting game. You can play it for $580, which is the going auction rate.

6. Disney’s Haunted Mansion Game (1970)

Image Credit: Disney.

A game made after the famous ride at Disney Land was released in the 1970s, and very few have made it to the modern day. It’s so rare that putting a price on the collectible is hard. Knowing what I know about Disney fans, this piece is bound to be worth a pretty penny if found.

7. Star Wars: The Queen’s Gambit (2003)

Image Credit: KBA Allstar/Steam Community.

The game revolves around the Star Wars movie The Phantom Menace. Players try to win battles using strategy and power cards. A must-have for any Star Wars fan, copies of this game can be found on eBay for as little as $600.

8. The Game of Goose (1930)

Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

This game has some serious ancient roots. Some say the game goes back to ancient Egypt. The simple game has players moving across the board via dice while they try to avoid costly obstacles. It is very similar to the newer Chutes and Ladders. This old-school game is worth over $600.

9. 71 Board Games! (1969)

Friends playing a board game.
Image Credit: Shutterstock.


This is such a rare game. It is so rare that many of the details about this game have been forgotten or never learned at all. You’ll have to find a rare edition and pay the $800 to purchase the pack of 71 games in one. It sounds like it is a combination of small word and number games. Let me know if you find one, as I am as curious as you are.

10. Inflation Board Game (1974)

Image Credit: Inflation Board Game Official.

The game has a Monopoly feel, but gamers say that the strategy was a little harder than Monopoly. The goal was to make a million dollars as you navigated and traded your way to earning your riches. The game is rare, but it seems like a fun concept. The game can be found, but you must pay almost $1,000.

11. Settlers of Catan 3D Edition (2005)

Settlers of Catan 3D Edition (2005)
Image Credit: Catan.

2005 might be pushing retro, but the game is almost twenty years old, so we had to include it. The game revolves around players building an empire and competing for natural resources like wood, wool, brick, and grain. It’s pretty complex and involves storylines created as the game goes. It has quickly become valuable as it has a price of $1,000.

12. Transogram Johnny Quest Board Game (1964)

Image Credit: Kylara and Transogram.

Piggy, backing off the success of the famous cartoon of the same name, released the board game in 1964. In a standard roll-the-dice game, players must Help Johnny get to the finish line. The cartoon was a big deal, but very few editions of the game were made, making them worth $1,000 in today’s market.

13. Keywood (1995)

Keywood (1995)
Image Credit: Sir Collectalot.

Think of this board game as a basic version of the now-famous Farmville. Players had settlements, and the goal was to grow a farm and take over one of the game’s villages. The goal is to grow your farm and make as much money as possible to win the game. A fun idea, only 200 were made, making this game cost $1,200 at auction.

14. Fortune (1935)

Fortune (1935)
Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

Fortune might have been the predecessor to the most famous board game of all time, Monopoly. It was released in 1935, but Parker Brothers quickly bought the game’s rights and evolved into Monopoly. Only 5,000 copies are made, and who knows how many are still in circulation. Try playing the now de-bunked game for a cost of $1,300.

15. Im Wintersportparadies Board Game (1934)

Im Wintersportparadies Board Game (1934)
Image Credit: Stephan Krug/Board Game Geek.

The game is written in German, but luckily, translations have been made. The game consists of players navigating the board and competing in competitions, trying to earn money. The one who has the most money at the end wins. The coolest part of the game is the artwork. Enjoy this game for a price of just a short of $1,500.

16. The Elvis Presley Game (1956)

The Elvis Presley Game (1956)
Image Credit: Lelands.

The Elvis Game was a trivia game that tested Elvis fans on all things Elvis trivia. It was divided into a girl’s section and a guys’ section so the genders could compete over who loved Elvis the most. Any Elvis lover would want this on their shelves. It is rare and costs $1,500 if you can find one.

17. Be a Manager (1967)

Be a Manager (1967)
Image Credit: Bamco.

Baseball fans would love to have this vintage sports game in their collection. The game has multiple decks for hitters and pitchers, a dice, a chart, an actual cardboard baseball field, and a hit-and-run chart. The plot was you got to manage your team. Take your team to the championship for $1,500 if you can still find one available.

18. Coromandel Games Compendium (1860)

Coromandel Games Compendium (1860)
Image Credit: Christie’s.

This variety game pack was built in the 1860s and came in a well-built wooden chest. Games like checkers, chess, dominoes, and backgammon were included inside. A must-have for any gamer or history collector. The pack is valued at $2,400.

19. Munsters Masquerade Party Vintage Board Game (1964)

Munsters Masquerade Party Vintage Board Game (1964)
Image Credit: Heritage Auctions.

Based on the famous television show of the 60s, The Munster board game was intended for children with its basic roll the dice and move gameplay. The game was interactive as players had to act out silly acts like clucking like a chicken. A fun way to pass the time, if you keep the game in good condition, it can be sold for $2,500.

20. Monopoly (French Edition) (1957)

Monopoly (French Edition) (1957)
Image Credit: Sing With Spirits.

There isn’t much difference between the American Version and the French version of this classic game. Of course, the names of the streets are changed to famous streets in Paris, and players compete for Francs instead of dollars. It is still worth some money, as some have sold for $2,500.

21. Swift Meats Major League Baseball Game (1957)

1957 Swift Meats Baseball Game
Image Credit: Heritage Auctions.

Baseball was the biggest sport in America during the 50s, and there is no doubt that board games aimed to profit from that. The game came with actual playing cards of some of the best baseball players. Kids cut and took apart the cards and made paper players as they played the game. I would love to own this game, but it’s a little pricey at $2,600

22. Fox and Geese (1830)

Fox and Geese (1830)
Image Credit: National Museum of American History.

This game has been said to be an adaptation of a game as old as the Middle Ages. It’s a hunting game using pegs and marbles. The basis is that the fox tries to kill the geese by removing them from the board while the geese try to trap the fox. It’s probably much simpler than it sounds, but you will need $18,000 to learn how to play the game on your own.

23. Outrage! Deluxe (1992)

Outrage! Deluxe (1992)
Image Credit: Ancestors Group.

This game is worth so much money because of the design and elegance that went into making the case. Rubies, sapphires, and gold-studded knobs make this game’s value soar up to $25,000. Hopefully, the game is fun for that price.

24. Monopoly Atlantic City (1933)

The original 1935 Monopoly board patent
Image Credit: John D. Buell/Wiki Commons.

This is the original model for the now-famous Monopoly. The creator was Charles Darrow, who based the board after the streets in his hometown. Only 5,000 copies were made before the Parker Brothers bought him out and turned it into the iconic Monopoly we know today. How does $146,000 sound for a copy of this original game?

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