How Pet Owners Could Be Hurt by Nationwide Dropping Pet Insurance Plans

Nationwide recently announced that it will be dropping many of its pet insurance plans. Citing economic reasons, these decisions could affect pet owners and the pet insurance industry as we know it.

Nationwide Cuts Pet Insurance

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Nationwide Insurance, the largest pet insurer in the U.S., announced that it will be dropping about 100,000 pet insurance policies soon due to rising costs. This move may come as a shock to the many pet owners relying on this coverage.

Rising Veterinary Costs

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The cost of veterinary care has significantly increased, which has prompted Nationwide to reconsider their current insurance structuring. Inflation and higher interest rates have also influenced this decision.

Economic Pressures

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Nationwide publicly announced that in order to remain competitive in the long-term, it needs to reconsider its policies. Nationwide was the first U.S. pet insurance, so this will come as a shock to many.

Which Policies Will Be Affected?

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A variety of plans, including the popular Whole Pet option which offers unlimited wellness and medical coverage, are being discontinued. These policies were popular amongst customers for their comprehensive coverage, including pre-existing conditions.

Importance of Pet Insurance

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Pet insurance is crucial for pet owners’ peace of mind. Not only does it protect customers against potential debt from sudden medical issues of their pets, but it also gives them comfort in knowing their pets will be cared for.

Impacted States

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Nationwide has made it clear that location plays a part in which policies are renewed, but has not been transparent about which states will be affected. However, it’s clear that pet owners across the country are receiving non-renewal notices of their plans.

Customer Reactions

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Many pets are understandably upset and worried about affording regular and emergency care for their pets. Some are worried they may have to forego treatment due to a lack of insurance coverage.

Older Pets at Risk

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Older pets with pre-existing conditions are the most at risk. These pet owners may find it harder to get new insurance coverage from other providers.

Is Breed Discrimination at Play?

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Nationwide publicly announced that breed and pet will not play a role in the future decisions to not renew policies. However, finding new policies may be dependent on breed.

Which Dog Breeds Could be Impacted?

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Dogs breeds, like Golden Retrievers and Boxers, are known for their susceptibility to cancer and heart conditions, making them vulnerable in future insurance decisions. German Shepherds and Dachshunds are also prone to physical conditions that require surgery.

Insuring your Feline Friend

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Some cats are also prone to health problems. Persians face potential breathing and eye issues because of their face shapes. Similarly, Maine Coons and Sphynx cats each have higher risks of health issues, leading to potential higher insurance costs.

Impact on Pet Owners

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Pet owners with these breeds may face higher premiums, more exclusions, or even denial of coverage. This can put a financial strain on owners who have to pay out-of-pocket for treatments and surgeries.

Difficult Decisions

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Nationwide’s decision puts many pet owners into difficult positions. They now might have to choose between the financial strain of upfront costs or risking their pets’ health.

Seeking Alternatives

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Some companies, like MetLife, are stepping in to offer alternatives. They’re intentionally targeting pet owners who are losing coverage, especially those with sick or terminal pets.

Future Coverage Plans

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Nationwide has opted to restructure their plans to focus more on wellness. This shift has been confusing for some customers who need comprehensive insurance.

Industry Trends

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This move by Nationwide reflects trends in the pet insurance industry overall. The rising costs and financial instability are creating issues for many companies.

Future of Pet Insurance

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The future of pet insurance is uncertain, as companies are continuing to restructure their insurance plans. Companies will need to find a balance between affordability and comprehensive coverage.

When Will We See A Change?

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These changes are set to take effect by July of this year. This timeline has put a constraint on pet owners who may be scrambling to find new coverage before their current policies expire.

Owners Calling for Action

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Pet owners and advocates are calling for a change in the system. They’re pushing for more transparent and fair practices in the pet insurance industry.

A Blow to Pet Owners

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This decision by Nationwide to drop many of its pet insurance policies is a significant financial and emotional blow to many pet owners. As they search for new options, the impact on pet care and financial stability is a growing concern.

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