15 Hyped Travel Spots That Don’t Live Up to the Buzz

Traveling can be difficult, with the hardest decision regarding where to travel. When out and traveling, saving money can be an essential factor for some people, so resorting to a budget vacation spot may be extremely helpful for a great time but on a small budget. While choosing a budget spot may be a good idea, some spots are sometimes not as lovely as they look, along with hidden costs that have not been mentioned.

#1. Mount Rushmore, United States

Mount Rushmore
Image Credit: espiegle via Canva.

The massive sculpture of the U.S. president is a famous travel spot, but also for a small amount of money.

While traveling to get here may cost a bit of money, once you are there, it is only $20 to go in and view the large rock. While this is cheap, you spend all that money getting there just staring at it for five minutes.

This may seem worth it to some, but looking at something you could view online is a lot of work.

#2. Stonehenge, United Kingdom

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Stonehenge does not have a good reputation for being an enjoyable travel spot since the area is very saturated with people.

Many recommend that if you are just in the area to stop by, then do it, but if you are trying to make a day trip out of it, do not even bother going.

#3. Thailand

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While many people believe Thailand is a good budget travel spot, that has recently been changed for a few reasons.

Even though the costs are cheap, there is a considerable threat of terrorism and high pollution. To pair with the lousy pollution, there are few tourist spots to visit.

#4. South Korea

South Korea
Image Credit: tawatchaiprakobkit via Canva.

With many features similar to Thailand, many people recommend not to travel to South Korea for reasons like petty crimes, pollution, and other terrorist acts.

While South Korea does come with cheap costs, there are also not many great attractions to visit, with their most popular tourist spot being Gyeongbokgung Palace.

#5. Casablanca, Morocco

Image Credit: RuslanKaln via Canva.

While the cheap price tag may be intriguing, tourists suggest staying away from here because they often get harassed while walking around.

The locals of this area do not like tourism, so they try to scare everyone away to prevent it. Although Casablanca can be gorgeous in some areas, the treatment towards tourists makes this trip not worth it.

#6. Malè, Maldives

Malè, Maldives
Image Credit: MarcoMarchi via Canva.

Similar to a few other spots on this list, Malé is currently under caution for United States citizens due to the treatment that they receive there.

While U.S. citizens get picked on the most, other countries are also not welcome there, with the locals being very aggressive to tourists. Do not let the stunning beaches fool you; the treatment you receive is not worth it

#7. The Great Pyramids, Cairo, Egypt

Great Pyramids, Cairo, Egypt
Image Credit: Aliaksei Skreidzeleu via Canva.

The large pyramids bring in many tourists each year and for a very cheap cost.

While the threat of terrorism is low, there is not much to do around here besides going to the pyramids, which travelers say is cool for about ten minutes.

Avid travelers do not make this a leading destination but instead, pop over for a bit.

#8. The Great Wall of China, China

Image Credit: aphotostory via Canva

A safe and cheap destination, The Great Wall of China brings in plenty of tourists yearly.

With the wall stretching back to almost 2,000 years ago, you can still walk along the wall! Many travelers claim to not go here due to a high litter count and traffic.

Even with all the culture and tradition, it is still recommended to skip this travel spot.

#9. Centralia, United States

Image Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0/Wiki Commons.

What used to be a fun travel spot, Centralia, is located in Pennsylvania, with not much else around.

Centralia is an unstable destination spot due to the mine fire that burns under the town’s surface, which causes a very high carbon monoxide count.

So, if this spot was on your list, switch it to something else.

#10. Daytona Beach, United States

Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0/Wiki Commons.

Even with an excellent reputation for being safe and clean, Daytona Beach has gained quite a reputation in several other categories.

The beach there is now saturated with many young individuals who occupy much of the area. To pair with the high teenager count, there is not much to do besides go to the bland beach.

#11. Athens, Greece

Image Credit: Alexander Popkov, Own Work – CC BY-SA 4.0/Wiki Commons.

A popular tourist spot, Athens is famous for various reasons. While the trip may be excellent to some, there is a very high rate of petty crime and theft.

Depending on the time of going there, you may see some construction, which obstructs a lot of the views, causing bad pictures and overall unexciting views,

#12. Jamaica

Image Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0/Wiki Commons.

While this destination may have been cheap initially, Jamaica is known for panhandling.

To pair with the high, hidden costs, Jamaica is also known for high crime, with things such as robberies and assaults.

Even though the gorgeous beaches may seem tempting, travelers recommend avoiding them.

#13. Las Vegas, United States

Las Vegas Nevada
Image Credit: Canva.

What has become a highly populated area, Las Vegas has quickly become a travel spot not to visit anyone.

Being frugal here is challenging but manageable if you stay away from the casinos.

While there are no travel restrictions or cautions, traveling to Las Vegas is not worth it, even if you are on a budget.

#14. Plymouth Rock, United States

Plymouth Rock
Image Credit: Suchan via Canva.

Plymouth Rock has been known for being a tedious experience, with little more to view besides this.

Yet the crime rate is low and is a safe place to travel, even spending a small amount of money to go here is not worth it to those who frequently travel.

While this is a significant landmark in the United States’ history, this is still boring to many.

#15. Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

Leaning Tower of Pisa
Image Credit: f11photo via Canva.

When visiting, you will probably run into many people and traffic, regardless of the season you visit.

Italy, as a whole, has recently become highly populated with tourists.

While the view may be impressive and awesome, the wait and traffic to get there are not worth it to many travelers.

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