25 Kitchen Flops That Cost More Than They’re Worth

There are so many gadgets for the kitchen! They’re usually marketed as affordable, time-saving, effortless, and awesome. I’ve fallen for the ads and bought my share of cheap but ultimately useless kitchen gadgets, too. Take a look at some of the most useless (but totally affordable) kitchen gadgets that you really don’t need.

#1. Banana Slicer

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A banana slicer might seem like a nifty tool to save time, but in reality, it’s quite unnecessary. Bananas are soft enough to slice with a regular knife. Even a butterknife works!

And the slicer’s one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t always fit different banana sizes. It’s just another item to clean, and its singular use doesn’t justify the space it takes up in your kitchen drawer.

#2. Strawberry Huller

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While a strawberry huller is marketed as a convenient way to remove stems, it’s often more trouble than it’s worth. A simple paring knife does the job just as efficiently, if not more so.

The huller can also struggle with strawberries of different sizes and shapes, making it a less versatile tool than a good old-fashioned knife.

#3. Garlic Peeler

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Garlic peelers, typically silicone tubes that promise to easily remove garlic skin, are often more gimmicky than practical.

Peeling garlic by simply crushing it slightly with the side of a knife or shaking it in a bowl achieves the same result without the need for an additional tool.

#4. Avocado Slicer

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An avocado slicer is designed to cut, pit, and slice avocados all in one. However, the pit remover doesn’t always work on different-sized avocados, and the slicer part isn’t as effective as a regular knife.

This gadget can end up being more cumbersome than helpful.

#5. Electric Wine Opener

Image Credit: Rabbit Wine.

Electric wine openers are bulky and require charging or batteries, making them less convenient than traditional wine openers.

They also don’t offer much advantage in terms of effort or time saved, as modern manual wine openers are quite efficient.

#6. Herb Scissors

Image Credit: Williams Sonoma.

Herb scissors, with multiple blades meant to chop herbs quickly, often end up mutilating rather than neatly cutting the herbs.

They can also be difficult to clean, with bits of herbs getting stuck between the blades. A sharp knife and cutting board do a much better job.

#7. Egg Separator

Egg separator
Image Credit: Kimon Berlin – CC BY-SA 2.0/Wiki Commons.

Egg separators supposedly easily separate egg whites from yolks.

However, you can accomplish the same task with the eggshell itself or simply by using your hands, making this gadget more of a novelty than a necessity.

#8. Lettuce Spinner

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While a lettuce spinner can be helpful for drying lettuce, it’s quite bulky and takes up a lot of storage space.

A clean kitchen towel or paper towel can dry lettuce just as effectively without occupying valuable kitchen real estate.

#9. Electric Can Opener

Image Credit: Proctor Silex.

Electric can openers are often touted for their convenience, but they can be bulky and prone to malfunction.

A simple manual can opener is more reliable, easier to store, and cleans up effortlessly.

#10. Onion Chopper

Image Credit: Macy’s.

Onion choppers promise to make chopping onions tear-free and more convenient, but they usually just create uneven pieces and are a hassle to clean.

A sharp knife offers more control over the size and shape of the onion pieces and is easier to wash.

#11. Pasta Measurer

Image Credit: Verve.

Pasta measurers theoretically help you portion spaghetti, but they’re often inaccurate and unnecessary.

It’s easier and just as effective to gauge pasta portions by eye or use the hole in the center of a spaghetti spoon as a guide.

#12. Melon Baller

Image Credit: Northwestern Cutlery.

A melon baller is a tool that scoops out spherical pieces of melon. However, it’s rarely used and not particularly efficient.

Cutting melon into cubes or slices with a knife is quicker and allows for more versatile serving options. But I do think little balls of melon look pretty!

#13. Electric Pepper Grinder

Image Credit: Cole & Mason.

Electric pepper grinders might seem fancy, but they don’t offer much advantage over manual grinders.

They’re usually more expensive, require batteries, and are often bulkier, making the manual version a more practical and reliable choice.

#14. Oil Mister

Image Credit: Williams Sonoma.

Oil misters are marketed as a way to evenly spray oil for cooking, but they often clog and provide uneven coverage.

A simple brush or even a paper towel can spread oil more effectively and with less hassle.

#15. Corn Kernel Stripper

Image Credit: Zyliss.

Corn kernel strippers supposedly make removing kernels from the cob easier, but they often miss kernels and are awkward to use.

A sharp knife does the job just as well, if not better, and is a tool you likely already have.

#16. Quesadilla Maker

Image Credit: George Foreman.

A quesadilla maker might seem like a fun addition to your kitchen, but it’s quite limited in its use.

A regular skillet does the job perfectly, allowing for more control over the cooking process, and doesn’t take up extra space in your kitchen.

#17. Electric Griddle

Image Credit: Presto.

While an electric griddle offers a large surface area for cooking, it’s bulky and tough to clean.

A stovetop griddle or large frying pan can achieve the same results and is more versatile for various cooking tasks.

#18. Bread Maker

Image Credit: CC BY 2.5/Wiki Commons.

Bread makers are bulky, one-use appliances. Making bread in an oven or even a Dutch oven can yield superior results and offers more flexibility in terms of bread size and shape. Plus, the traditional method is more satisfying.

#19. Egg Cooker

Image Credit: Dash.

An egg cooker promises to simplify boiling eggs, but it’s really an unnecessary gadget.

Boiling eggs in a pot on the stove is straightforward and doesn’t require an additional appliance that takes up counter space.

#20. Electric Skillet

Image Credit: Greenlife.

Electric skillets are often marketed for their convenience, but they don’t offer much more than a traditional skillet does.

They take up a lot of space and are a hassle to clean, making them less practical than their stovetop counterparts.

#21. Stand-Alone Rice Cooker

Image Credit: Aroma.

While rice cookers can be helpful, they are not essential. Cooking rice on the stove or in a multipurpose pressure cooker can yield equally good results.

For those with limited kitchen space, a stand-alone rice cooker might not be the best investment.

#22. Hot Dog Toaster

Image Credit: Quiver Killer.

A hot dog toaster, designed specifically for cooking hot dogs and toasting buns, is a very limited appliance.

Cooking hot dogs on the stove or grill and toasting buns in a regular toaster or oven is just as effective and more versatile.

#23. Electric Tea Kettle with Preset Temperatures

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Electric tea kettles with preset temperatures might appeal to tea aficionados, but for most people, a regular kettle does the job.

Boiling water and letting it cool for a minute or two is usually sufficient for most types of tea.

#24. Soda Maker

Image Credit: Soda Stream.

Soda makers can be fun, but they often become more of a novelty than a staple in your kitchen.

Buying carbonated water or making infusions with regular water is a simpler and more cost-effective way to enjoy similar beverages.

#25. Mini Waffle Maker

Image Credit: Dash.

A mini waffle maker is cute and might seem like a good idea for small servings, but it’s usually not practical.

It can only make one small waffle at a time, which is not efficient, especially if cooking for multiple people. A regular-sized waffle maker is generally a better choice for both practicality and versatility.

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