McDonald’s Unveils Latest Meal Deal to Combat Inflation Woes

Customers can save with a limited-time McDonalds $5 meal deal. If customers are low on cash, this meal is a treat. Here’s how it works as the company wants to help customers get more bang for their $ 

A Deal For Everyone 

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McDonald’s first announced their $5 deal in May and prepped customers for a summer deal even with hard economic times. The company’s president, Joe Erlinger, spoke to about the deal he and others were excited to present to customers.  

Summer Promo

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While the company announced the deal in May, the promotion was launched in June, which was time for summer.  “The rumors = true,” as the company’s website advertises. The deal starts at $5 with the potential to modify the meal. 

“Easing the Inflation Pinch”

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In a news release for their summer promo, McDonald’s president said that they are here to “help customer’s dollars go further” by offering more money-saving deals. 

What’s in the Meal Deal? 

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The promo, starting from $5, is a choice between a McChicken or a McDouble, with fries, four chicken nuggets, and a soda. 

Customers Save 

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Erlinger said in his interview with Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb that “….customers are telling us that they are really stretched…” The stress of inflation that’s gripped the country has taken a toll on McDonald’s customers, according to Erlinger. 

Time for Customers To Save 

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The company’s president said they want to help customers save, and introducing the $5 meal deal promotion is the company’s way of giving value to their customers. 

Bitter Sweet Deal 

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In the interview, one of the interviewers mentioned that some of the customers must be excited about the low-cost meal deal. Still, some might also be sad that it’s only for a limited time of four weeks. 

Perhaps Longer Than Four Weeks 

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Erlinger said in the interview that the main deal would run for four weeks as a national promotion. However, “we think that it will be a local promotion for longer than four weeks,” he said.

Other Branches Have Shown Interest To Extend

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Some branches are pushing to extend the deal. When asked, Erlinger replied that Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, and Kansas City are just some of the McDonalds franchises that are keen on keeping the promotion running for longer.

We Provide Value and Always 

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When asked, whether he thought the company was facing a lot of pressure dealing with competition, Erlinger replied saying “I never think of satisfying customers as facing a pressure…” 

Customer Needs First 

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Erlinger considers the customer’s need for value as a good opportunity to fill that need and grow as a business. “As long as our customers need value, we’re going to provide it to them,” he added.

Misconceptions of Fast Food Being Too Pricy

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In the interview, Erlinger said that customers often perceive fast food eateries as being priced really high and perhaps won’t stop over to get food at that place. However, McDonald’s’ thrives on providing value for customers. 

More Deals in Store for Customers

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Representatives and the president have announced that the $5 meal is just one of many deals customers could enjoy this season. Branches would feature a special on their fries, called the “Free Fries Friday.”

More Value Competition Is Rife Amongst the Best 

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To help combat the effects of inflation and encourage customers to return for more, McDonalds and other companies have engaged in the battle for cost-effective meals.

In on the Battle 

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Famous eateries like Popeyes, KFC, Wendy’s, and Buffalo Wild Wings also offer excellent deals. KFC has their meal for one selling at $4.99, featuring a drumstick and a thigh. Popeyes is running daily specials on selected menu items starting from $3.99, and many other chain stores are becoming creative to give customers more for their money.  

Passionate About Food

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From the company’s president to other decision-making stakeholders, McDonalds strives to keep customers’ needs at the core of their operations.

Transparency Between the Company and the Customers 

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In the interview, Erlinger was asked if McDonald’s increased their menu prices more than other food stores. He admitted that in his open letter, he wanted to be transparent and thus told consumers that their prices were up by 40%.

Still Very Competitive

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Despite the price increase, the company’s president said that their competition still finds them challenging. 

Customers Are ‘Loving It’

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Officially, the promotion only lasts a few more weeks, and then customers will have to wait and see which branches are offering the extended deal.

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