Inflation Squeezes Hooters: America’s Favorite Restaurant Chain Makes Stark Decision on Closures

Financial difficulties hit a much-loved American favorite, Hooters restaurant, as inflation gets even some of the best brands. Where will local American diners enjoy their favorite chicken, hamburgers, and fries done the Hooters’ way? Here’s the story. 

No Business Is Safe 

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Various businesses are fighting the pinch of financial strain, which directly results from inflation. Some companies, like Hooters, have been forced to close their doors.    

Closing the Doors

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Independant U.K reported the statement as Hooters announced the closure of some of its branches. It has been affected by the rising cost of living, and it has made a difficult decision.  

Customers Love the Eatery 

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The Hooters brand is a concept that customers choose over some of its many rivals. 

The Hooters Girls Uniform

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Hooters has been in business for nearly four decades, bringing a unique dining approach. Their young waitresses’ uniforms are cleavage-revealing tank tops, a nod to the name. It also features the company mascot, Hootie the Owl, playing on the fact that owls ‘hoot.’ The tank tops are paired with orange running shorts and trainers. 

The Vibe 

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The restaurants are focused on casual dining. The atmosphere is fun, even sporty. People enjoy good roadhouse dining grill foods like chicken wings, fries, burgers, and alcoholic beverages, and sports fans can also catch the game. 

Customers Feel at Home 

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The sporty “cheerleader-like” Hooter girls are friendly and welcoming. Their goal is to make diners feel as though they’re just visiting with friends and family. The company’s website says, “we aim to be your favorite neighbor.”

Great Kiddies Menu

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Hooters cater to the whole family and has a kid’s menu that even picky eaters would enjoy. Some menus include mac and cheese, training hamburgers and curly fries, cheesy toasted sandwiches, chicken strips, chicken wings, and fish fingers, all served with curly fries.  

The Menu 

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“Prepare to crave” is the famous saying on the Hooters menu. On the main menu, diners can find a variety of meals, starters, and sweet treats. There’s also an extensive drinks menu featuring alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. 

Hooters Catering on the Fly 

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The company offers delivery service so you and your family can enjoy your favorite meals in the comfort of your home. 

Some Catering Options by Hooters 

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The restaurant offers various catering options like “party packs,” “wing lovers,” “basket meals,” and more. 

The Beginning of Great Things 

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Hooters was established by six businessmen in 1983. The business partners had no prior restaurant experience. They wanted to create a great place with personality and where they wouldn’t get “kicked out of.”

A Booming Business

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The company’s website states that the business has grown so much that it has expanded internationally and has over 420 stores open in 29 countries. However, those numbers could change given their current state in these economic times. 

Which Branches Are Closing Down?

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It’s uncertain how many Hooters branches would close down, but the company said they were forced to do so given the state of inflation.  

Menu Meals Increase 

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Hooters has reportedly increased the prices on their menu. According to reports from the Independent U.K., an increase in the menu was at 0.4% for dining in and 0.2% for takeout.

The Increase Possibly Reduced Customer Numbers 

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Other restaurants have also increased their prices, and Hooters has done the same. Customers don’t visit the resturants as frequently leading to  underperforming branches, which might be because of the menu increase, and it may also be money-savvy consumers working sparingly with money. 

Fewer Customers Looking To Dine Out 

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According to Restaurant Dive, fewer Americans are dining out. Instead, 43% of Americans choose takeout meals at least once a week over sitting in a restaurant. 

Hooters Still Strong 

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In a statement, the company spokesperson said, “the brand remains highly resilient and relevant.” 

For Charity 

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Hooters is involved with various charitable causes and is a Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research member. 

Raising Funds for Good Causes 

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They are involved in fundraisers for the Make-A-Wish fund, Special Olympics, American Diabetes Association, and Muscular Dystrophy Association.

A Word From the Company

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According to,  Hooter’s spokesperson said the company has decided to close some of its underperforming stores. “Ensuring the wellbeing of our staff is our priority in these rare instances.”

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