Why Twitch’s Cuts to Safety Advisors Are a Huge Concern

The tech industry entered 2024 plagued with layoffs, and Twitch is no stranger to this. The Amazon-owned game-streaming platform has announced that it will let go of several important safety members in favor of reconstruction. 

A Safety Advisory Council Is Crucial 

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A safety advisory council (SAC) is important, especially when dealing with online content. The Amazon-owned game streaming platform established the council in 2020. 

Why the Council Remained

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The council’s purpose was to manage safety concerns, including policies for explicit acts, hate speech, cyberbullying, and more. It operated successfully for four years and was comprised solely of advisors, not employees of the Twitch platform.  

Axing the Current Saftey Advisory Council

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Popular American video streaming platform Twitch has taken extreme measures to cut costs and restructure its platform. As a result, all previous Safety Advisory Council members have lost their jobs and income. 

A Shocking Revelation

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The layoffs were shocking news, especially because the video game streaming service caters to many people throughout America and internationally. 

Possible Problems 

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The absence of the safety advisory council leaves the door open to many possible problems. However, the council is said to be replaced with other members.  

Before the Layoff

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The Safety Advisory Council for the game streaming platform has advised on reworking safety and general policies. The policies cover various aspects, including user behavior, dress attire, and more. The council’s service played a vital role for the platform and its users. 

Services End Without Payment 

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In May 2024, the council representatives were notified that their services were no longer required and their contracts would be terminated. According to the CNBC report, the platform’s representatives also told the council they would not be paid for the next quarter.  

Large Compensation 

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Reports say the council members were paid $10,000 – $20,000 over 12 months. This was a large remuneration sum, and the layoff was to help reduce the company’s costs.

The Tech Layoffs Is Felt Throughout the Industry 

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Twitch and other tech giants and gaming companies have had to take drastic action and let some staff go. Companies like Twitch tried navigating the situation to make it work for everyone, but in the midst of a rising economy, it eventually takes a toll.  

Layoffs Throughout the Past Four years 

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According to statistics from Crunchbase, layoffs in the tech industry have been going on for a long time. In 2022, 93,000 employees lost their jobs; in 2023, over 190,000 workers lost work; and in 2024, as many as 53,000 have already lost their income during this year. 

Within One Year, 50 Is Axed 

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Twitch has canceled the contracts of at least 50 employees in the past year. Termination of the SAC adds more layoffs to the company’s list. 

Timing Couldn’t Be Worse 

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Reports recalled what some knowledgeable people shared with CBNC during the 50 layoffs. Twitch terminated the contracts of people responsible for monitoring abusive content and other harmful and dangerous online acts. These 50 layoffs happened during a time when cyberbullying and negative online influence were rife. 

Changing Things 

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The email CNBC reported also mentioned that the Twitch platform is interested in collaborating with ambassadors. These ambassadors will be a diverse team of streamers using the Twitch platform. 

Keeping It In-house 

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While the actual safety advisory council would remain a structure within the streaming platform, it would no longer consist of advisors like before. Instead, the platform would have its in-house ambassadors to represent and advocate for the platform, giving input.

The New Ambassador Program 

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The implemented ambassador program consists of 180 streamers who know the Twitch platform and have had firsthand experience. The gaming stream services advocate diversity and want to hear the voice of everyone using their platform. 

Compensation for All-New Ambassadors 

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Reports confirmed that Twitch had no comment regarding whether or not the ambassadors would be paid. 

Foreseen Future 

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Twitch may not have the former Safety Advisory Council, but the ambassadors in the program will serve as role models and positive influence. They are also said to provide equality and inclusivity.

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