17 Workplace Rights Your Employer Might Be Violating

Ever get the feeling that something’s not quite right at work? It’s possible your discomfort isn’t just about the job itself—your employer might be crossing legal lines without your knowledge. Here are 17 rights you might not realize are being violated right under your nose.

#1. Minimum Wage Violations

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Are you being paid less than the federal or state minimum wage? This is not just unfair; it’s illegal.

#2. Overtime Pay Denied

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If you’re clocking in more than 40 hours a week and not seeing overtime pay, your employer is breaking the law.

#3. Misclassified as an Independent Contractor

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Some employers misclassify employees to avoid paying benefits or overtime. If you’re being treated like an employee, you should be paid like one.

#4. Unsafe Working Conditions

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Your workplace must adhere to safety standards. Ignoring this not only puts your health at risk but also violates OSHA regulations.

#5. Discrimination

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Experiencing discrimination based on age, race, sex, religion, or disability? This violates the Equal Employment Opportunity laws.

#6. Harassment

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Workplace harassment is illegal, yet it’s shockingly common. You have a right to work without fear of harassment.

#7. Pregnancy Discrimination

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Being fired, demoted, or penalized for being pregnant is not only unethical—it’s illegal under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.

#8. Family and Medical Leave Denied

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Eligible employees are entitled to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for certain family and medical reasons without threat of job loss.

#9. Violations of Disability Rights

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If your employer isn’t providing reasonable accommodations for a disability, they’re likely violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.

#10. Invasion of Privacy

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Your employer poking around your personal life without cause? Certain aspects of your privacy are protected even when you’re at work.

#11. Retaliation

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Fired or punished for whistleblowing or filing a complaint? That’s retaliation, and it’s decidedly against the law.

#12. Breach of Contract

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If you have a contract stating specific terms of employment and your employer breaks those terms, they’re likely violating your contract.

#13. Denied Rest or Meal Breaks

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Most states require employers to provide designated breaks during work hours. Skipping these could be a legal violation.

#14. Withholding Final Paycheck

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Regardless of how or why you leave a job, your employer must pay you for all your time worked, typically on the next scheduled payday.

#15. Forcing Employees to Pay for Work-Related Expenses

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If buying a uniform or other job-related expenses dips your pay below minimum wage, this might not just be unfair but illegal.

#16. Illegal Deductions from Wages

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Unauthorized deductions from your paycheck for breakages, cash register shortages, or anything else might be unlawful.

#17. Not Allowing Employees to Discuss Wages

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Preventing employees from discussing their wages with co-workers is a violation of labor laws intended to promote transparency and fairness.

Is Your Workplace Playing Fair?

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It’s downright personal when your rights are under attack right where you work. Recognize any of these violations happening to you or someone you know? It’s time to take action and stand up for your rights. Don’t let your employer play fast and loose with the law.

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