23 Ways Your Identity Is Being Sold Right Now

Your personal information is a hot commodity, and it’s being traded in more ways than you might fear. Here’s how your identity is at risk of being compromised right this moment.

#1. Data Breaches

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Companies you trust with your personal details are hacked more often than you hear. Each breach could mean your data is being sold on the dark web.

#2. Social Media

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Every “like” and share is cataloged by social platforms, creating a profile that marketers and potentially malicious actors pay to access.

#3. Public Wi-Fi

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Using public Wi-Fi can expose your data to interceptors. Everything from your emails to passwords can be snatched out of thin air.

#4. Loyalty Programs

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Your shopping habits are gold for retailers. In exchange for discounts, you’re giving away detailed insights into your preferences and behaviors.

#5. Smartphone Apps

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Many apps collect more data than they need to function, like your location, contacts, and even text messages, often shared with third parties.

#6. Credit Card Transactions

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Every swipe sends your purchasing data to several players, including marketers and data brokers, who use this information to build consumer profiles.

#7. Email Phishing

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Every suspicious email is a potential thief. Clicking on a link or opening an attachment can give scammers access to your personal information.

#8. Medical Records Theft

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Medical information is a prime target for identity thieves, who can use it to commit insurance fraud or even get prescription drugs in your name.

#9. Home Devices

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Smart home devices listen in more than you’d like. This data isn’t just for improving services but is often shared with or sold to third parties.

#10. Online Quizzes

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Those fun online quizzes collect more than your answers—they often gather data about your device, location, and more, which can be sold or misused.

#11. Car Data

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Modern vehicles are data goldmines, recording locations, driving habits, and even your weight. This info is valuable to insurers and advertisers.

#12. Browser Cookies

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Cookies track your online activity and are widely used to tailor ads. But they also build a detailed profile of your online behavior that’s sold to the highest bidder.

#13. Job Applications

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Information from resumes and job applications can be used to screen you as a candidate, but also sold to data brokers or used for identity verification services.

#14. Voting Records

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Your voting registration details are public and often used by campaigns, but can also be accessed by anyone willing to pay for this data.

#15. Utility Bills

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Paying utilities online? That data can be intercepted or shared, revealing your payment habits and even your financial stability.

#16. Text Messages

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Some apps request access to your text messages, ostensibly for verification purposes, but then use this access for data mining.

#17. Junk Mail

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Pre-approved credit offers and junk mail use data gathered from various sources. Thieves can use these to open accounts in your name if they intercept your mail.

#18. Facial Recognition

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Cameras in public and private spaces increasingly use facial recognition, storing biometric data that can be hacked or misused.

#19. Court Records

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If you’ve been involved in legal proceedings, your records are likely public. This information can be used to trace your activities or financial status.

#20. Public Records

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Property purchases, marriages, and divorces are all recorded in public documents that anyone can access and use against you.

#21. Travel Bookings

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Travel details provide a snapshot of your financial status and habits. This information is often shared with third parties for marketing.

#22. Subscription Services

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Your subscriptions, from magazines to streaming services, reveal your interests and spending habits, which are valuable to marketers.

#23. Your Trash

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Old bills, receipts, and even junk mail in your trash contain personal data. Thieves can use this to piece together your identity.

Alarming, Isn’t It?

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The selling of your identity is not just a breach of privacy; it’s a growing industry. In today’s digital world, staying informed and vigilant is your best defense against these invasive and often hidden practices. Protecting your data starts with knowing where it’s vulnerable.

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