Is Chick-fil-A’s Summer Camp Exploiting Kids for Labor?

A summer camp with a massive twist. A Chic-fil-A branch decided to host a summer camp for kids aged five to twelve. The idea has brought about lots of talk. 

A Summer Camp With a Difference 

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A Chic-fil-A branch in Louisiana has recently announced its interest in hosting a children’s summer camp at their branch. The children will learn the tips and tricks of working at the restaurant. 

A “VIP” Meal and More Included

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Each camper will receive a kiddie’s meal, a snack, a free T-shirt, and a name badge to complete the look. 

The Cost to Parents 

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The summer camp is said to cost $35 per child for a three-hour session. At the restaurant “campus,” the kids will be under the supervision of the team leaders. 

Choose From Six Sessions 

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The branch has also allocated six sessions that the kids can choose from July 15-17 and July 22-24. The camp sessions will be from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. 

Meet the Mascot

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Who doesn’t love a mascot? The Louisiana Chick-fil-A branch also said the kids would get to meet the company’s mascot, the Chic-fil-A cow, and spend time with the branch’s team leaders.

Hurry There’s Limited Space 

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The advert encouraged a speedy response as the branch can only accommodate 30 children per session. 

A Look Into America’s Favorite Restuarant 

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The branch also advertised that the summer camp would allow the children to get a closer look into one of America’s favorite eateries. 

Summer Camp or Child Labor? 

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The idea of having children work at the branch has caused a lot of chatter online and the media.

Mixed Feelings About the Summer Camp

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The comments section was split, with some people thinking it was a good idea and others outraged. 

Some Parents Are Outraged

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Some parents and users who left comments after the company’s original Facebook post were appalled. One platform user commented: “Wait. You want parents to check notes and pay you to use their young children as laborers. But they get a free meal, snack, and t-shirt that will give you free advertising?” 

More Comments Rolled In on a Positive Note

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“I love this and don’t think it’s a bad idea. Customer service skills and kids like to play in the kitchen. Reminds me of the children museum where we got to grocery shop but only with real food,” another user commented. 

A Firsthand Look Into Hospitality 

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It’s still some years before these young children get to choose their career paths. Yet, the branch sees it as a good idea and timing to introduce them to the hospitality industry. The experience is supposed to teach them how to interact with customers and deliver great customer service.  

It’s Not a Corporate Program

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The branch representative also told Fox Business that the initiative was not a corporate program. “Some local restaurants create their own programs to engage with the communities they’re located in,” the representative said. 

Not Their First Rodeo 

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According to a spokesperson for the Chic-fil-A Louisiana branch, the owner began the summer camp for children six years ago. Each year, the summer camp occurs with the kids booked in for camp.

It’s Been Successful All This Time

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Since its beginning, the camp has been a success, and parents and their kids have been happy. “This year’s kid’s camp at the restaurant sold out in seven minutes, 200 spots,” the spokesperson added. 

Fun Activities for the Campers 

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Campers will enjoy many fun activities, including trivia and brand-focused games. The spokesperson also noted in the interview that the children will “not do the work of a Team Member.” 

Staff are Camp Counsellors

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The team members of the Chick-fil-A branch take up the role of camp counselors and will ensure that the children have fun, learn, and enjoy a tasty meal while on site. 

Nationwide Branches

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While not all 3,000 Chic-fil-A branches have incorporated the summer camp, the Louisiana branch is one of a dozen. ABC News reported that there was an intention for more branches to share in the venture.

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