California’s Cannabis Crown Slips as Michigan Takes the Lead

Sad times for California, as new data has revealed the state is no longer at the top of the food chain when it comes to a certain industry that brings in billions every year.

Michigan Outpaces California

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In news that’s shaken up the cannabis industry, Michigan has finally edged out California to become the top cannabis market in the U.S. by sales volume. 

Shockwaves in the Cannabis Industry

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California has long been the king when it came to cannabis sales, and these new figures from cannabis market intelligence firms have got Californian companies reeling.

A New Leader Emerges

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Almost five years ago to this day, Michigan began offering legal recreational marijuana sales, and now it’s hitting a major milestone: overtaking California in total grams of flower and other cannabis products sold. 

Historic Milestone

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Since December 2022, Michigan has consistently sold more cannabis products in both the recreational and medical markets than California, according to BDSA. 

California’s Long Reign Comes to an End

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Data from cannabis market analysts at Headset backs this up, showing Michigan sold 24.2 million units in May 2023, compared to California’s 17.3 million units. That’s a huge difference – especially considering California has historically dominated the market.

Shift in Cannabis Sales Volume

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Despite these figures, the data has not been widely reported because most comparisons focus on the size of the market in terms of dollar sales. 

Comparison of Sales Figures

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In that regard, California still leads, with $5.1 billion in recreational marijuana sales in 2023, compared to Michigan’s $3 billion. The reason? Prices. 

Cannabis Market Dynamics

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Cannabis is far cheaper in Michigan, so people buy more for less. An oversupply of cannabis in Michigan has driven prices down, while in California higher operational costs and taxes keep prices high.

California’s Competitive Challenges

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“There are a lot of issues on the ground in California … it’s always been expensive to do business there,” said Michael Arrington, a principal analyst at BDSA, in a March webinar. 

Impact of Pricing Strategies on Sales

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California’s legal cannabis market also battles competition from illegal sales. Many areas in California don’t allow marijuana sales, pushing people towards cheaper, illegal options. This challenge has dented California’s ability to stay on top.

Oversupply in Michigan

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Michigan, on the other hand, has seen legal cannabis prices drop significantly due to an oversupply. 

A Double-Edged Sword

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This surplus has led to more purchasing power for consumers but less profit for businesses. Overall, Michigan’s consumers are getting more bang for their buck, helping the state beat off California in sales volume.

Michigan vs. California

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The numbers tell the story. In April, Michigan sold 56.8 million equivalent units of cannabis products, while California sold 44.6 million, according to BDSA. Both BDSA and Headset data show Michigan consistently outpacing California in recent months. This trend first emerged in December, with Michigan’s unit sales surpassing California’s for the first time.

Consumer Behavior Shifts

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Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that Michigan’s recreational cannabis industry is younger – and the state’s population is about a quarter of California’s. 

Per Capita Sales Comparison

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Despite this, Michigan has the highest per capita sales in the U.S. at $132.41, nearly three times California’s $44.21 – according to Headset data.

Future Projections

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Despite Michigan’s lead, experts still see California as the top market in dollar sales for the next few years. Arrington predicts that California’s market will grow to around $6.1 billion by 2028 as it resolves regulatory and market issues. 

Michigan’s Forecasted Growth Trajectory

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Michigan’s market, on the other hand, is forecasted to hit $4 billion by the same year.

Lessons from Michigan’s Rise

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This shift shows just how dynamic the cannabis industry can be. Michigan’s rise highlights the impact of pricing, market conditions, and regulations on consumer behavior.

Industry Dynamics

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The state’s ability to offer lower prices and its favorable market conditions have driven consumer purchases to new levels, but California’s larger market size suggests that the Golden State will remain a significant player in the cannabis industry.

The Continuing Growth of the U.S. Cannabis Market

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Experts predict that both states will continue to be major players as the industry grows.

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