Is a College Degree Worth the Debt in 2024?

New survey findings have tried to answer an age-old question – is college worth it?

Degree Dilemma

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It’s a question that many people have asked over the years, and one that’s still relevant – especially in today’s economy – is a college degree worth it? 

Debunking College Myths

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Well, Pew Research has conducted a survey into the average American’s opinion on the subject, and it’s revealed some surprising insights.

What the Survey Says

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While a degree used to be the key to financial freedom, a lot has changed in the last decade. Young adults aged 25 to 34 without a bachelor’s degree have actually seen their wages go up. 

Non-Degree Workers on the Rise

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After years of declining wages, these young workers are now earning more, and building wealth, and fewer are living in poverty. Wages for those with degrees have also increased at roughly the same rate, so the gap in earnings between the two hasn’t narrowed.

Degrees of Doubt

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But when it comes to the importance of a college degree, opinions are skewed. Only one in four U.S. adults say a four-year degree is super important for landing a good-paying job. Meanwhile, 40% believe it’s not that crucial or even not important at all. Almost half of the people surveyed think a college degree is less important now than it was 20 years ago.

Cost vs. Value

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The cost is also a big sticking point for many. Just 22% of people think a college degree is worth the price tag if it means taking out loans. 47% say a degree is only worth it if you don’t have to borrow money, while 29% say college isn’t worth it at all.

Political Degrees

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Pew Research has found a link that suggests political views might be coloring how people view higher education. They found that Republicans are more likely than Democrats to shrug off the need for a college degree.

How Views Shape Opinions

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About half of Republicans say a degree isn’t essential for a well-paying job, compared to 30% of Democrats. 57% of Republicans believe a degree is less important now than it was 20 years ago, while only 43% of Democrats agree.

The Education Equation

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Pew also discovered that a person’s level of education plays a big role in their perspective. College graduates, especially those with advanced degrees, tend to see more value in their education. But even among grads, less than a third think it’s worth the cost if loans are involved.

Non-Degree Nation

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Findings from the survey show that the non-graduates are making a comeback. Young men without a college degree are seeing better days. 

Male Workers Earnings On The Up

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Their participation in the labor force has stabilized after years of decline, and more of them are landing full-time jobs. Their average earnings are on the rise, and poverty rates are dropping significantly.

Female Workforce On The Rise

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Young women without degrees are also on an upward trend. More are joining the workforce, their earnings are climbing, and fewer are living in poverty. It’s a clear sign that you don’t necessarily need a degree to do well financially.

Degree Dollars

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While Pew Research has found that most Americans are concerned about the cost of college, findings from the Strada Education Foundation (SEF) might work in their favor. 

Debt Decisions

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They found that the cost of college – which on average is around $114,000 for three years, including all resources etc – can be worth it provided a graduate earns $50,000 a year on average, over a ten year period.

Loan vs. No Loan Dilemma

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If a graduate can earn that, or make $500,000 in the ten years following college, then financially they will have made a positive return on their investment and should be able to pay off their loans.

The Power of Earnings

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It costs more in certain states – like New York or California – but these states also pay higher wages on average, so the cost actually balances out. According to the SEF, “As long as you’re above that $50,000, even in the most expensive states, you’ll still have that positive return on investment.”

Community College Conundrum

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The SEF also found that, while community college is significantly cheaper, it doesn’t pay the same returns. 

A Degree in Demand

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According to their results, the earnings after ten years are often not high enough to justify the costs – although that partly depends on the degree path you take.

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