Nevada Faces the Heat As Climate Crisis Sparks Alarm

Worries are growing in a number of Nevada cities being hit hard by the climate crisis about whether they’ll have enough time and money to solve the issues plaguing them. 

Race Against The Climate Clock

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Local officials in Nevada are in a frenzied race against time to secure federal climate funds before the November elections, fearing that billions in support could disappear should the political tides turn. 

Cash Dash

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With the Biden administration injecting over $370 billion through the Inflation Reduction Act to combat climate change, states like Nevada are scrambling to grab as much of this cash as they can while the money hose is still flowing.

Biden’s Billions

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Nevada, like many states, is grappling with the impacts of climate change. The Biden administration’s policies have funneled billions into projects – from new transmission lines for electric power to local initiatives like tree planting. 

Reno’s Sizzling Struggle

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Reno, recently dubbed the fastest-warming city in America by Climate Central, has seen its average annual temperature jump by 7 degrees since 1970. 

Hot Pursuit

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Las Vegas, not far behind, is also heating up rapidly. 

Weathering the Storm

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Local officials are desperate to use federal funds to tackle these climate challenges, fearing that the money might dry up if the government changes.

Desert Dilemma

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Nevada’s Governor Joe Lombardo pulled the state out of a multistate climate coalition, but that hasn’t stopped Nevada from raking in millions in federal climate funding. 

Grabbing Greenbacks While They Last

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That’s due to the presidential election that’s looming on the horizon. Nevada officials are on edge about the future of federal climate funding as Former President Donald J. Trump has vowed to slash environmental regulations and cut climate funding if he makes a return to office. 

Election Anxiety

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Trump is currently leading in Nevada and other key states.

Washoe County’s Eco-Initiatives

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Washoe County are putting their federal funds to good use. The county has installed electric vehicle charging stations, enhanced window insulation, replaced gas boilers with electric heat pumps, and switched to energy-efficient LED lights. 

Charging Ahead

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They’re currently midway through efforts to replace gas and diesel vehicles with electric alternatives.

Tree Trouble

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Reno has its own set of climate problems. The city’s limited tree cover, especially in low-income neighborhoods, makes the “urban heat island” effect worse – which is when a city is warmer than the area surrounding it. 

Urban Heat Havoc

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While the Truckee River provides some cooler, shady spots, recent efforts to clear homeless encampments along the river have raised concerns about heat-related health risks for those forced to relocate.

Air Alert

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Air quality in Reno is another big issue. Smoke from wildfires and increased traffic pollution is taking its toll, which could have major effects on the health of any Reno citizens. 

Reno’s Pollution Predicament

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The region has seen rapid growth, driven by businesses like Tesla’s Gigafactory, but that has also added to the environmental woes.

Climate Challenges

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Despite some recent wet weather, Reno is still at risk from extreme weather events caused by climate change.

Funding Fairness

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Making sure federal funds help the most vulnerable residents is a big challenge. Language barriers and a lack of available information have kept some low-income families from accessing programs that would help lower energy bills or switch from gas to electric stoves.

Nevada’s Climate Scholars

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At the University of Nevada, Reno, officials are also racing to secure federal grants. Despite a lot of worries, scientists and university staff are hopeful that the state’s funding for climate research and climate initiatives on campus will continue across governments.

Green Dreams

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Biden’s administration has passed a slew of green energy bills in the last few years. From investing in geothermal energy production to updating the country’s electricity grid, the push is on to try and tackle some of the effects of climate change.

Biden’s Climate Contradictions

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Critics, however, are not entirely convinced about the government’s climate credentials. A recent report from Reuters found that U.S. oil production has hit historically high levels under Biden’s leadership, and while that’s created jobs in oil and related industries and boosted the economy, it’s also turned a lot of prospective voters off.

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